Online Map Application Gallery

Online map applications are developed to allow address and intersecton searches or map navigaton in order to find property or other specific GIS layer information about areas in Arvada.

If you are looking for maps in digital format check the Map Gallery for PDF versions of our standard map products.
If you are looking for downloadable GIS data formats (Shapefile) check the OpenData Catalog for GIS layers and other city data.

City Wide GIS Applications

Preview Application Name -- Description
Arvada Property Search Interactive Map Address Search and Property Information
Search over 300,000 address records in and around Arvada to verify City and County Jurisdiction. For addresses in Arvada use the "Map and Info" link to find out detailed property information such as, Zoning, Council Districts, Voting Districts, Assessor info and more.


Public Safety Applications

Preview Application Name -- Description
Crime Reports Interactive Map
Crime Reports works with over 800 law enforcement agencies across the U.S., so citizens can find crime reports and sex offender information for Arvada and our neighbor areas, including, Lakewood, Jefferson Co Sheriff, Wheat Ridge, Littleton, Edgewater, and Commerce City.
Raids Online Interactive Map RAIDS Online
RAIDS Online is a public crime map that connects law enforcement with the community to reduce crime and improve public safety. You can view and filter crime data in an interactive map and analytics dashboard to become better informed about crime activity in your area.
Police Sectors Interactive Map Police Dept Sector Interactive Map
The city is divided up into 4 police sectors (A-D). These sectors are used by the police department for resource allocation, patrol car deployment, crime statistics, and other administrative purposes.


Layer Specific Applications

Preview Application Name -- Description
Subdivision Plat Interactive Map Subdivision Viewer

See the locations and plat information for Subdivisions in Arvada. Search on Subdivision name or address to find information in this interactive viewer.

Council Districts Interactive Map Find your City Council Representative
Locate your Council District. The City of Arvada is divided into four Council Districts. The Mayor and two other councilmembers are elected "at large" meaning that they represent residents of the entire City of Arvada rather than a specific area or District.
Development Projects Interactive Map Current Development Projects
Current residential and commercial development projects being processed by the City. Certain types of development projects, such as minor subdivisions, vacating street or sidewalk right-of-way, and some site plan reviews, are not included on the map. For more information, please contact the Planning Division at 720-898-7435. This information is updated on a quarterly basis.
Historic Districts Interactive Map Historic District Locations

This map highlights the 4 historic districts and 1 conservation area in Arvada. Historic Olde Town Arvada is a Colorado Main Street Community and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

US 36 Community Solutions Interactive Map US 36 Bike Commuter Map

A Bicycle Map for the US 36 Corridor - Includes up-to-date cycling facilities within the communities of Boulder, Boulder County, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Broomfield, Arvada and Westminster.

Public Works Construction Interactive Map

Public Works Construction Projects

This map depicts Public Works projects currently under construction.

Please call engineering at 720-898-7640 with any questions.

Parks Snow Plowing Interactive Map Snow Plowing Routes - Parks Interactive Map
Find out the city's plan for removing snow and ice from your neighborhood parks, paths, and sidewalks. This layer shows the 2014-2015 snow and ice removal routes for the Priority 1 centers and schools, Priority 2 primary use parks and trails, and Priority 3 secodary use parks and trails in Arvada.
Public Facilities Interactive Map Public Facilities Locations

Map showing various categories of City and other public facility locations in Arvada.

Sustainability Projects Interactive Map

Sustainability Project Locations

Arvada is committed to creating a sustainable community. That’s why we’ve created ASAP (Arvada Sustainable Action Plan): Our guide to moving towards an ethic of sustainability throughout the organization and community. Use our map to find out locations and details of our ongoing projects.

Zoning Interactive Map Zoning District Interactive Map
Zoning Districts are created by dividing areas of land use and structures into certain categories. Zoning districts can also include restrictions such as, height, building density, and types of businesses. Generally zoning districts are divided into residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial categories

Streets Snow Routes Interactive Map

Snow Plowing Routes - Streets Interactive Map
Find out the city's plan for removing snow and ice from your neighborhood streets. This layer shows the snow and ice removal routes for the Priority 1 and Priority 2 roads, school zones and hilly areas in Arvada. CDOT maintained state highways and interstates are also shown.