Arvada's 2007 and 2008 Crime Statistics

One of the biggest increases in Arvada’s crime statistics reported in 2008 was the jump in incidents involving weapons (54%) last year.  

While the double-digit increase may seem dramatic, these numbers can be a bit deceiving. 

“Something to consider as you review Arvada’s statistics is that they are based on low numbers of occurrences to begin with as compared to larger cities; therefore, any increase or decrease in Arvada crime stats will have a dramatic effect on the change of a category from year to year,” said Deputy Chief Creager. 

Creager adds “Regardless of the low crime numbers in general, we must address the increase in the number of cases involving weapons.” 

The area of counterfeit and embezzlement dropped 34% last year.  

“A factor for this decrease is quite possibly an increase in the proactive nature of our investigators as they target groups of criminals rather than the crime itself. Using this approach has afforded these detectives the opportunity to maximize the number of charges filed against these criminals through the district attorney’s office,” said Sgt. Ginger Charles of the Arvada Police Department.  

In addition to solid detective work, there are fewer checks being used as more people are transitioning to debit cards. 

“It’s important to analyze and track crimes occurring in our community,” said Deputy Chief Creager. “Not only does this process enable our department to better allocate resources, but it also helps citizens become aware of what crimes may be impacting their neighborhoods and their everyday lives.” 

The Arvada Police Department is currently reporting crime statistics using an incident-based reporting (IBR) method.

The National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) was developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigations to improve the statistical reporting and analysis capabilities of the law enforcement community. There are many advantages to incident-based crime reporting systems over the summary-based crime reporting systems ranging from the ability to conduct detailed crime analyses for a variety of law enforcement agencies, and the expansion of data collection efforts to include 22 categories consisting of 46 offenses.  

Group A Offenses   2007 2008

Crime Against Person

Assault – Aggravated 104 98
Assault – Simple 446 415
Homicide 4 1
Kidnapping 27 19
Sex Offenses 103 105

Crime Against Property

Arson 25 31
Burglary 439 409
Counterfeiting/Forgery 144 95
Embezzlement 1 0
Extortion/Blackmail 0 0
Fraud Offenses 326 361
Motor Vehicle Theft 245 240
Robbery 48 62
Stolen Property 48 38
Theft Offenses 1,974 2,084
Vandalism 1,267 1239

Crime Against Society

Drug Offenses 1,055 1,212
Gambling 0 0
Prostitution 7 4
Weapon Offenses 39 60
Total Offenses 6,613 2,412