CPAAA Executive Board Minutes July 15, 2009

Meeting called to order at 6:02P by Normalee Lee, Chair.

In Attendance: Board Members - Normalee Lee, Joan Campbell, Nancy Mayer, Marilynn Maring, Leona Rude, Gary Busch, Deb Hamilton, Pat Ferguson, Lloyd Ferguson

Arvada PD Liaison - Sgt. Jeff Monzingo

PD Liaison's Report - Sgt. Jeff Monzingo -

Jeff introduced Chris Longshore from City of Arvada who conducted a "Google Groups" presentation to the Board. This can be found at and is a site for collaboration and sharing by groups such as the CPAAA. It's also a great place to post meeting minutes. Jeff suggested the site be used by just the Board for now. Jeff and Chris are the current "owners" and Chris will hand off to someone on the Board to take over for him. Jeff will send an invite to all Board members to join the Google Group.

Secretary's Report - Nancy Mayer -

· June, 2009, meeting minutes reviewed. Motion to approve by Deb, seconded by Pat. Minutes approved.

· 501(c)3 application - Nancy recommends that some Board members get together to review wants and needs of this application (raffles, bingo requirements need additional documentation). Marilynn will help and volunteered Kay to help as well. Nancy will schedule a meeting in August to review.

Treasurer's Report - Marilynn Maring for Kay Rowland

· May EOM (end of month) balance was $4,540.55 and June's EOM is $4,605.55. Motion to approve by Deb, seconded by Gary. Treasurer's report approved.

· Current members - 91 - no change from last month.

· Gary and Lloyd need a current list of members' email addresses. Normalee to handle.

Chair's Report - Normalee Lee

· Chris Miskimon update - a "care" package will be mailed to Chris by his wife at the end of July and CPAAA will reimburse her for the postage. CPAAA already has some mailing boxes and a list of restricted items. Normalee will send out a list of needs to membership for possible August, October, and December "care" package mailings.

· Normalee will not be at the August or September Board meetings. She asked Lloyd to send an email reminder and agenda for both meetings.

· Normalee will send out an email distribution list to the Board members for their future use.

· The Teen Academy lunch is scheduled for Wednesday, July 22, at 11:30A. There are 12 attendees currently enrolled. Kay and Marilynn will handle purchasing lunch for the teens in the Ann Campbell Room and the Board approved the purchase of sandwiches, chips, drinks, and cookies.

· Normalee provided copies of the updated "welcome/renewal" letter that will be sent to new members and renewing members. The Board reviewed the changes and approved the letter.

Vice Chair's Report - Lloyd Ferguson -

Lloyd shared most recent hours report. Through 6/17/09 CPAAA has participated in 8 events, volunteering 469.8 hours. Nancy made a suggestion to round volunteer hours to 15-minute or quarter-hour intervals for simplicity. Suggestion approved! Lloyd will add the 6/20 Gold Strike Festival hours to next month's report.

Past Chair's Report - Marilynn Maring -

· Marilynn sent out 2009 dues reminders to 25 members and 8 responded with checks. Good job! Marilynn provided Normalee with a list of these 8 and Normalee will mail pins to them.

· Marilynn shared a request from Commander Kathy Foos for a CPAAA donation to Camp Ray-Ray for its 15th Annual Camp for Kids. The event will take place September 5-7. Nancy made a motion to approve a donation of $100 to Camp Ray Ray. Deb seconded. No discussion - motion approved.

· Marilynn found an application in the local paper for the Gabby Krause Foundation that provides $1,000 to local organizations. Marilynn suggested Nancy consider applying for the $1,000 on behalf of Jeffco CA3 to help towards hosting the 2011 NCPAA Conference in Colorado. Nancy will apply when Jeffco's 501(c)(3) is received.

· Since the COPS substation on Ralston Road is closing, Marilynn will retrieve the fingerprint kit and get it to Normalee for storage.

Old Business:

· Nancy provided feedback on the Gold Strike Festival and recommends that CPAAA participate only one day at future events. There's no need for us to be there on both days. Board approved.

· Normalee distributed "member cards" to all Board members who have paid their 2009 dues. She'll create and distribute these "cards" to general members with their renewal letters. The Board authorized Gary to purchase 100 card holders for $12.00.

New Business:

· Board discussed the use of CPAAA email list for non-CPAAA events and this is not authorized. Use of this email list must be for CPAAA events only.

· Normalee reiterated that CPAAA Board meetings are open to CPAAA members only (unless a guest is invited and approved to attend). General meetings are open to guests and can be used as a recruiting tool for the Citizens Police Academy and CPAAA membership.


Jeff requested that the Board consider moving their scheduled meeting day to another day since it conflicts with the Citizens Police Academy that's held on Wednesdays. Decision was made to keep August's meeting as scheduled for August 19.

Starting with September, 2009, Board meetings will take place on the SECOND THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH. Start time will remain at 6P. Jeff thanked the Board for its flexibility. We'll discuss any potential conflicts in future meetings at the August Board meeting.

Upcoming Events:
  • National Night Out is the first Tuesday of every August. CPAAA will not be participating in any events this year since there isn't enough time to notify members and there really aren't any major events planned by Arvada this year.
  • Deb handed out flyers for the Ralston House Third Annual (point) .5K Endurance Challenge to benefit Ralston House. This 700-step fundraiser will take place on Saturday, August 15. For more information, get with Deb.

Next Board meeting - Wednesday, August 19, at 6P in Chief's Conference Room. September's Board meeting will be the 2nd Thursday, 9/10 - please mark you calendars regarding this change.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20P.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy R. Mayer, CPAAA Secretary