Victim Services

Victim Outreach Information, a private, non-profit agency headquartered in Golden, Colorado, works with the Arvada Police Department for victim advocacy.

Victim Outreach Information's mission is to support victims of crime and trauma in Jefferson County, Colorado.  They serve various police agencies in the area, including the Arvada Police Department.

How it works:  Advocates may be called by Arvada police to the crime scene to offer crisis support, information and referrals. Victims are educated about the effects of trauma and appropriate coping mechanisms. Advocates help victims find resources to address safety concerns, including therapeutic or financial needs.

Advocates may also be notified after the original police call.  Victims may be referred to Victim Outreach Information by officers to help understand and navigate the criminal justice system.

Victims are informed of their rights under the Colorado Crime Victim Compensation Program. Advocacy and support are provided throughout the criminal justice process when a suspect is charged and a victim may face the intimidating responsibility of attending criminal court.

Some of the services provided to crime victims:

  • emotional support,
  • advocate for victim’s rights and
  • offer resources that promote safety, healing and hope.

Their advocates have a number of resources available once they are familiar with the issues impacting a person. If the issue is not within jurisdiction of the Arvada Police Department or has a criminal basis, the advocates will refer the person to the appropriate agency or dispatch.

Some of the victims of crimes the Victim Outreach Information advocates assist include, but not limited are:

  • homicide,
  • sexual assault,
  • assault,
  • child abuse,
  • domestic violence-related crimes,
  • robbery,
  • kidnapping,
  • elder abuse,
  • hate crimes,
  • burglary,
  • gang violence, and
  • vehicular homicide.

Additionally, Victim Outreach Information provides assistance to citizens whose situations are not crime-related, but are traumatic such as SIDS deaths, traffic accidents and death notifications.

For further information on the Victim Outreach Information, check out their website at or just click on the link below.

Colorado Crime Victim Compensation

If you have been physically or emotionally injured, or a member of your family killed as a result of a crime, you may be eligible for compensation for your financial losses through the Colorado Crime Victim Compensation Program. Funds for this program come from assessments collected from adults and juveniles who have been convicted of crimes.

The Crime Victim Compensation Board, a three-member board of private citizens, appointed by the District Attorney, will verify each claim and award compensation.

Applicants will be notified of awards within approximately sixty days. This time frame can be different dependent upon the complexity of the criminal investigation.

You may be awarded compensation up to $20,000 for bodily injury or death, or damage to medically necessary devices.

Compensable losses may include:

  • reasonable medical and hospital expenses;
  • loss of net income;
  • outpatient care;
  • homemaker and home health services;
  • burial services;
  • loss of support to dependents;
  • mental health care;
  • loss of eyeglasses, hearing aids or medically necessary devices;
  • replacement of exterior residential doors, locks, and windows and some security devices.

Damage to vehicles is not included in the crime victim compensation.

To qualify for compensation, you must notify the police of the crime within 72 hours and cooperate fully.

You also must apply for compensation within one year of the offense and within six months for residential physical property claims.

You may not claim compensation:

  • if injury resulted from the victim's own wrong doing;
  • if your claim is for pain and suffering only, 
  • for other property damage not previously mentioned; or
  • if your losses have been fully compensated from any other source.

Arvada residents who wish to apply for compensation should submit a service request through the Arvada Police Department

or call Victim Outreach Information Office at 303-202-2196.