May 2009 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

CPAAA Arvada Executive Board Meeting

May 20, 2009

Arvada PD Executive Conference Room

Meeting called to order at 5:58P by Normalee Lee, Chair.

In Attendance: Board Members - Normalee Lee, Joan Campbell, Nancy Mayer, Marilynn Maring, Leona Rude, Gary Busch, Kay Rowland

Arvada PD Liaison - Sgt. Jeff Monzingo

Guests - Karen Graves, Don Wolf

Secretary's Report - Nancy Mayer - April, 2009, meeting minutes reviewed. Motion to approve by Joan, seconded by Normalee. Minutes approved.

Treasurer's Report - Kay Rowland

· Beginning balance was $4,266.11 and the April EOM (end of month) balance is $4,188.60.

· Current members - 88 - increase of 11 from last month. Majority of new members signed up at CPA graduation as a result of Gary's CPAAA presentation. Gary will share presentation at next month's Board meeting.

Chair's Report - Normalee Lee

  • National CPAAA Conference -
    • good conference - light attendance probably due to cost of airfare to Anchorage.
    • 2010 conference will be held in Hilton Head and we're thisclose to confirming Denver as the host location for 2011 - Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has signed on as host agency and its alumni group is the steering committee - Nancy is that organization's chair.
    • Joan re-elected to another 3-year term on the National Board.
  • Board reviewed event Checklist created by Normalee. Board approved use of checklist for future events by event coordinators.
  • Officer Chris Miskimon (Arvada officer deployed to Iraq) - his wife has provided a list of needs, Karen graves has created a list of themes for care packages, and Joan, Karen, and Normalee will be the subcommittee. Normalee will send out email to CPAAA to have a meeting and ID a coordinator to oversee group's care package project.
  • Channel 8 will interview Joan regarding the 2nd-grader officer appreciation contest and officer recognition event. CPAAA sponsored the contest and members of the Arvada police department met and chose the winners. Joan will also write a newsletter article. Officer appreciation month is May and the Board approved Nancy's motion (Leona seconded) that CPAAA sponsors the 2nd-grader contest every year it's held. Event coordinator will deliver the forms to Arvada grade schools at least 4 weeks prior to recognition event. Leona reported that the new banner was unveiled for the first time at this program and it looks really nice! Marilynn made a motion that CPAAA provide refreshments at next year's event (Nancy seconded). No further discussion - Board approved. Reasonable amount to be determine prior to 2010 event.
  • Kite festival - Normalee read letter of appreciation from Jodi and Dudley Wyland for CPAAA's participation in this year's event.
  • Bank Signatures needed - Normalee received a form from the Bank and it was signed by Kay, Normalee, and Nancy. Normalee will coordinate with Lloyd to get his signature.
  • 4th of July event at Lutz Spenger - invitation received from Nancy Bentzen for CPAAA to participate in event again this year. Discussed previous years' participation and members felt it was not a good event to try to coordinate for this year. Nancy made a motion that CPAAA decline invitation for this year's event (Joan seconded). No further discussion - Board approved motion.

Vice Chair's Report - Lloyd Ferguson - no report tonight.

(Lloyd is currently attending the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy which occurs on Wednesdays. He and wife Pat Ferguson, also a Board member, will graduate from this Academy on 6/10. Congratulations to both!!)

Past Chair's Report - Marilynn Maring - thanked the Board again for participating in the officer appreciation event.

Old Business:

· Fill Up A Can Project - May 2 (Leona, event coordinator). Leona read note of appreciation from Helen Norris, event coordinator, for group's involvement.

· CPAAA website is up! However, it still needs work. Jeff recommended be checked out and he'll arrange for IT to be at July's board meeting.

New Business:

· Karen Graves provided information on the Life Track System. Volunteers are needed to help change batteries on units assigned out to Arvada residents who need them. She will get more information to Normalee to share with members.

· Karen is also working with Jeff on a volunteer recognition event for later this year. More information at future meetings.

· 501(c)3 application - Normalee made a motion (seconded by Kay) to start application process. No discussion - Board approved. Nancy will work on application.

· New Member Packet - Normalee drafted a welcome letter to send to new members. Board reviewed and provided feedback. Since Kay (treasurer) is the keeper of the member list, she will coordinate these mailings when their applications are received. Suggestion that "name tags" be created for new members to wear to events prior to getting their CPAAA badges. Normalee will work on these. She's also working on a membership card for all members to carry that shows what year they're dues are paid through.

· Long-term goals - Normalee will send out an email to members that asks, "What more do you see CPAAA volunteers doing to support the police department?"

Upcoming Events

  • June 6 - YMCA has invited CPAAA to participate as a vendor. Leona, event coordinator, has been asked by three new members to shadow at this project.
  • June 6 - PD car detailing. Gary shared an assignment list he created to help stay organized. Article for newsletter written and submitted. Event starts at 8A and should be over by noon.
  • Gold Strike Festival, Saturday & Sunday, June 20 (10A to 4P) & 21 (10A to 2P). Nancy, event coordinator, will write article for newsletter. Volunteers will hand out flyers for Citizens Police Academy, Teen Academy, and other flyers provided by PD.
  • Arvada PD Teen Academy, 7/20 - 7/24. Deadline for applications is June 30. Normalee to send out email to members and direct interested applicants to PD's website for more information and registration process.

Next Board meeting - Wednesday, June 17, at 6P in Chief's Conference Room, immediately followed by general meeting. Board to provide refreshments for general meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46P.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy R. Mayer, CPAAA Secretary