Meeting Minutes March 18 2009


CPAAA Arvada Executive Board Meeting

March 18, 2009

Arvada PD Executive Conference Room


Meeting called to order at 6:02P by Normalee Lee, Chair.

In Attendance: 

Board Members:  Normalee Lee, Deb Hamilton, Joan Campbell, Nancy Mayer, Marilynn Maring, Leona Rude, Gary Busch, Kay Rowland, Pat Ferguson, and Lloyd Ferguson

                                 Arvada PD Liaison - Sgt. Jeff Monzingo

                                Guests - Maureen Tooher, Karen Graves, Dave Fochtman, Don Wolf

PD Liaison Report - Sgt. Jeff Monzingo

·     Gold Strike Festival - June 20 & 21 - space provided to PD that CPAAA can use. We'll need tables, chairs, tent - need to determine hours and volunteer needs. Jeff will provide brochures for volunteers to distribute. Need a project coordinator and will discuss more at next meeting.

·    Volunteer Opportunity - The Police Department needs volunteers on April 6 & 7 to assist Officer Pat Claar with officer recruitment testing process (video presentation, test grading, other responsibilities as needed). 8 volunteers needed (8:30a to 4p). Recommended that the volunteers consist of 1 board member coordinator and other volunteers from general membership. Pat & Lloyd will be the coordinators for Monday, and Joan will coordinate for Tuesday. Normalee will announce at tonight's general meeting.

Secretary's Report - Nancy Mayer

February, 2009, meeting minutes reviewed. Motion to approve by Deb, seconded by Lloyd. Minutes approved.

Treasurer's Report - Kay Rowland

·     Beginning balance was $4,062.66 and 3/18/09 balance is $4,091.11. Motion to approve by Nancy, seconded by Deb. Treasurer's report approved. Recommendation from Nancy that Kay provide the prior end-of-month balance at future meetings, rather than try to provide info thru the board meeting date. This info will agree with the bank statements and help with the year-end audit. Recommendation approved!

·     Current members - 75 - no change.

Chair's Report - Normalee Lee

      Member Updates - email address updates provided to Kay.

      Bank Update for check signers (Normalee, Kay, Lloyd, Nancy) - Normalee provided Nancy with form that needs to be completed and returned to Bank of Choice. Nancy will get this done prior to next meeting. Lloyd working on this information, too, and Kay and Normalee have completed their forms. Discussion about lack of organization at bank regarding this and if it doesn't improve we might have to look at other banks to handle our account.

     We Salute You Program - Maureen and Pat will help Normalee and Joan with this project. January, February and March anniversary cards have been distributed to officers. Maureen will write article for next newsletter to  recognize Margo Hacker, alumni member, for this idea.

      Arvada Officer Chris Miskimon care package update - tabled to a future meeting.

·     Merchandise Sales transfer of responsibility from Normalee to Lloyd. Normalee created a form to be used for orders, purchases, and payments. Deb will continue to be club's liaison with Sportline. Also of note from Deb - apparel can be monogrammed - please coordinate your request with her.

      Volunteer Hours report - Lloyd will coordinate this now. All project coordinators to report hours to him.

      Newsletter - A few glitches with the first e-mailed newsletter. Overall, just about everyone received it. It looks great, too. Many thanks to contributors and to Sgt. Monzingo and Judy Slivensky for putting it together. Normalee and Karen Graves will visit with Sandy Kline, current alumni member, who has expressed an interest in helping with future newsletters and creating/managing/maintaining/web-mastering a CPAAA website.

Vice Chair's Report - Lloyd Ferguson

Lloyd distributed copy of 2008 year-end hours report and will provide current hours report at all future meetings. He reiterated that project coordinators need to get project hours (with names!) to him as soon as possible after an event.

Past Chair's Report - Marilynn Maring

Saturday, April 4 - Roby Ferifino Park - Arvada Kite Fling. Marilynn is event coordinator. Bob Vernetti will bring the PD Command Van to the park. Volunteers needed from 10A to 2P. Marilynn will bring DNA kits. Normalee to announce at tonight's general meeting.

Old Business:

      Complete Committees - tabled due to time. General meeting tonight at 7P (about 15 minutes from now).

New Business:

      National Police Week - Normalee, Deb, Kay, and Leona to meet about ideas and get back with Board. Ideas to be shared with Susan Medina, Arvada PD Spokesperson.

Upcoming Events

See Past-Chair's report

Next Board meeting - Wednesday, April 15, 2009, at 6P in Chief's Conference Room.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50P.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy R. Mayer, CPAAA Secretary