November 2009 Meeting Minutes

CPAAA Executive Board Meeting

November 12, 2009

Arvada PD Executive Conference Room

Meeting called to order at 6:00P by Normalee Lee, Chair.

In Attendance: Board Members - Nancy Mayer, Marilynn Maring, Leona Rude, Gary Busch, Deb Hamilton, Lloyd Ferguson, Kay Rowland, Normalee Lee, Joan Campbell, Pat Ferguson

Arvada PD Liaison - not present tonight

Guests - Barbara Mitchell, Commander Aaron Jacks

Guest - Commander Aaron Jacks

Aaron presented a volunteer opportunity to the Board. The Jefferson County Department of Public Health is looking for volunteers to help with logistics on Saturday, 11/21, from 9A to 5P. It will be dispensing 3,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine. The Arvada PD will be providing site security and volunteer opportunities include greeting people. This event is being publicized through the schools. Volunteers can register online at Jefferson County Public Health Department. Normalee will send out an email to all members and include a link to the registration site.

Secretary's Report - Nancy Mayer - October's minutes prepared by Pat Ferguson (thanks, Pat.). Approved with spelling corrections.

Treasurer's Report - Kay Rowland

· September's EOM was $4,630.08 and October's EOM is $4,495.19. Treasurer's report approved. Kay also prepared preliminary financials for November activity.

· Current members - 86 - down six from last month. Some minor updates to contact information will be included in next report. Five new members joined at the 11/4 CPA graduation and 3 more joined at last night's General meeting. Their names will be added to next month's report.

Chair's Report - Normalee Lee

Normalee read a thank-you from Chris M. and members of his squad. They are very appreciative of the goodies that were sent to them in Iraq. Normalee will include these notes in a future newsletter. Board approved reimbursement to Normalee for postage to send boxes to Iraq.

Merchandise Update - Jackets are $50 and Pat Ferguson will get the current inventory to Deb Hamilton so that she can replenish our apparel supply. Deb will also place an order for jackets. She was waiting to place an order for six to reduce the cost.

Normalee shared the various volunteer opportunities that were handed out at last night's General Meeting. Sign up sheets will be handed over to Karen Graves, Volunteer Coordinator. Opps include Lighting Up The Holidays, Ralston House, greeters for PD, volunteering in Records (needs polygraph and background check). Other PD volunteer needs - folks needed to put up signs regarding car breakins, coyote awareness - Karen will clarify hours and days of volunteer opportunities and notify those people who signed up last night.

The receipt book used by Gary at last night's meeting was a huge success and will help organize sales and income and membership dues and renewals. Pat F. might have another receipt book that she'll donate to CPAAA. Board approved reimbursement to Normalee for receipt book.

Normalee asked for recommendations for Secretary position for 2010 since Nancy was elected Treasurer at last night's General Meeting. Board approved appointment of Maureen Tooher.

Normalee will work on the 2010 CPAAA calendar (Board meetings, known volunteer events, academies, etc.). All Board meetings will take place on the SECOND THURSDAY of every month unless otherwise noted.

Board approved the purchase of heavier cardstock for nametags. Normalee will order.

Vice-Chair's Report - Lloyd Ferguson

· Hours report - 24 projects YTD and 10 Board meetings. YTD hours = 714. Board members to provide Lloyd with more hours to add to various projects. Will be updated for next month's meeting.

Past Chair's Report - Marilynn Maring - Marilynn will once again coordinate ordering pizzas for the Arvada PD on New Year's Day. She'll ensure all shifts receive fresh pizzas. Expense approved.

PD Liaison Report - Sgt. Jeff Monzingo (not present tonight)

Old Business:

· Articles needed for next newsletter - CPA graduation (Gary & Leona), Shred-a-thon (Lloyd & Pat), Murder Mystery Dinner (Joan & Normalee), Car Detailing (Gary). Gary shared that all of the car-detailing volunteers received a personal thank-you from APD Chief Don Wick. Gary will provide a copy of the CPA to Jeff so that he can reproduce and give to all graduates.

· Both Joan and Kay received thank-you notes from the Arvada-Wheat Ridge Service Ambassadors for Youth program for CPAAA's donation of $250.

CPAAA Volunteer Task Force - Gary and Normalee shared that Commander Kathy Foos and Sgt. Jeff Monzingo will represent the Arvada PD. A future meeting will be scheduled with Karen Graves.

New Business:

· 2011 National CPAA Conference - Nancy reviewed a list of committees and duties for the conference. She also mentioned some opportunities not listed - coordination of the opening and closing ceremonies. Board discussed and approved recommendation that Arvada CPAAA will be in charge of these two events.

· Board will discuss at future meetings the possibility of increasing the CPAAA general meetings from three to five per year in addition to the Murder Mystery Dinner. .

Upcoming Events: None

Next Board meeting - Normalee asked that December's Board meeting take place on Wednesday, December 9, to accommodate Jeff Monzingo's schedule. This will be his last meeting with us.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20P.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy R. Mayer, CPAAA Secretary