October 2009 Minutes

CPAAA Executive Board Meeting

October 15 2009

Meeting called to order at 6:02 by Normalee Lee

In Attendance: Board Members - Normalee Lee, Lloyd Ferguson, Gary Busch, Leona Rude, Joan Campbell and Pat Ferguson

Secretary's Report

Becky Robinson was not able to attend

The date of Oct 10 needs to be changed to Oct 8 to finalize the murder mystery dinner but the meeting was not held until Oct. 15 2009.

Joan moved to accept the Sept. minutes Lloyd seconded. Marilyn sent out letters to all members that dues were past due, it was decided if they have not responded they will be dropped from the roll.

Normalee will ask Kay to revise them.

Treasurer's Report

Sept report accepted Pat moved to accept Leona second.

Chair Report.

Normalee said we have 48 confirmed for the mystery dinner.

Chris MisKimon Sock drive was tabled to Jan. meeting

Normalee will order cake for murder mystery dinner and send out an email reminder

Vice chair report

All hours are up to date

Lloyd and Gary are taking pictures of the current CPAAA class. They will make a disk to be played at the graduation

Gary will take the disk to be cleared by P.D. I.T.Dept.

Murder mystery dinner will be from 6-9.30 p.m. Thursday Oct. 22.2009

Task force

Normalee, Gary Busch, Ron Horn, Doug Gibbs and Dianea Denker met with Chief Wick about volunteer opp. Still waiting to hear back from the Chief regarding the members of the Command Staff that will be part of the Task Force. Normalee will send an email to the Chief to ask about the status of task force and give the chief a copy of CPAAA's mission statement.


Cop Talk

Susan Medina will give a to give a presentation of Cop Talk at the general meeting. She will have a survey for members to ask about what is working on Cop Talk.

Car Detailing:

Was great. All police cars were cleaned.

A list of basic instructions will be put on the web site for all events so anyone can head up an event. Gary is working on tCar Detailing. Normalee will do one for Murder Mystery Dinner.

CPA gradation

Nov 4 Leona will check with Jeff about mints and nuts for the gradation.


Marilyn will not be at this year's event; Lloyd will be the go to person.

501c3 update

Nancy will look for 5 years of financial records.

Board Meeting

1 day after general meeting. Nov. 12 at 6pm


Would like a grant for scholarships we have given them $250.00 in the past. A motion was made by Lloyd and seconded by Gary

that we give them $250.00 .


Carrie Brady was not able to show up they need help for the lighting of the holidays.

Normalee will be point person and will send out an email to members

Board wants Kay to send member spreadsheet file so all of the board will have an electronic copy and can use it to copy & paste email addresses.

It was decided to show website to general meeting. Membership notices will have all board members names on them.

All emails to general membership will have to first go through chair and (in chair's absence) the vice-chair because there seems to be many different lists going around.


Nov 4 CPA Graduation

Nov 11 (WEDNESDAY) CPAAA general meeting and elections for VP, Treasurer and two Members-at-Large.

Next meeting Second Thursday Nov 12 6p.m. In the conference room

Meeting adjourned: