Help us Find the Owners of These Photos

On August 9, an employee of the Arvada Water and Sewer Department brought a white cardboard box to the Police Department, stating he had found it in the road at 58 th Avenue and Independence Street. The box is full of framed family photographs and the words “Catherine’s Special Pics” are written on the top. Unfortunately, there is no other indication of who the owner could be.

The photos are wrapped in white butcher paper and it is evident they were cared for and wanted. The location where the photos were found and the condition they were found in indicate someone was possibly moving and lost the box in the roadway.

We are holding the photographs at the Arvada Police Department and would love to return them to Catherine and her family. If you have any information on who these photographs may belong to, please call the Arvada Police Department at 720.898.6900.