Bryan Archer
Director of Finance


The Finance Department develops, manages, performs, and oversees the financial operations for the City and various related organizations.  This includes financial reporting, fiscal analysis, budgeting, all accounting functions in the management of the city’s finances, oversight of an external financial audit for compliance with City laws and policies, debt management, investment of the City’s cash, grants writing and administration, provision of purchasing services and ensuring compliance with all purchasing laws and policies, service to all the City’s sales and use tax payers, and oversight of the all City insurance and risk management programs.

How do we manage that?  We are broken down into four Divisions within our scope of responsibility.  Within each Division, our talented staff members are focused on excellence in accuracy, efficiency, and customer service.

Our Treasury Division manages the accounting, payroll, investments, grants, and all associated financial monitoring and reporting for the City.  We create annual budget and financial audit documents that tell the story of the resource allocation to provide all City services.

The Revenue Division includes all Tax and Audit functions for the City. Tax and Audit is responsible for providing customer service in the collection and accounting of sales and use taxes within our City, including auditing and enforcement in adherence to the City Code.  The Division also administers the Resident Tax Rebate Program, which provides a rebate to low-income residents.  This program assists over 1,200 Arvada residents annually.

The Purchasing Department collaborates with City departments to provide the professional resources necessary to acquire goods and services, with the most appropriate quality and availability, at the most advantageous cost to the City and citizens.  This requires a great deal of focus on coordination of goods and services, all the while maintaining observance to the City’s purchasing ordinance.

Finally, the Risk Management Division assists each department in the development of its loss prevention program and assists in the review of liability exposures in all programs.  The City purchases all types of insurance to help offset possible losses just as one does in their own personal life.

The Finance Department continues to strive for excellence in all aspects of our performance and service.  It is our goal to answer the questions of our constituents to continue to provide the information necessary to show the clearest picture of the City’s financial status.

We welcome your interest, comments and suggestions!

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