80th Avenue Median Project Underway

The renovation of the medians on W. 80th Avenue began in mid November 2011, and is almost finished.  The project will be completed in August of  2012. The medians, located between Sheridan and Wadsworth Boulevards were constructed in 1975, and over the past 36 years, these medians have seen no significant capital maintenance efforts as the focus has been on day-to-day maintenance needs. 

The 2008 Citizens' Capital Improvement Committee ranked the W. 80th Avenue Median Project as one of its highest priorities for funding and, in the 2011-2012 Arvada Capital Improvement Fund budget, monies were allocated to complete this important work.

This one-mile stretch of median has included the construction of a new irrigation system, new decorative paving and the elimination of all turf in favor of xeric plants. A project goal was to improve the aesthetics, reduce water consumption and waste and eliminate hazardous bluegrass mowing.

“The importance of this new median design is that it will reduce irrigation needs in the future thus making the area easier to maintain and more cost-effective,” said Mike Lee, Park and Urban Design Manager for the City of Arvada.

Another important aspect of the project has been traffic control. A plan was developed to be public safety and worker safety throughout the duration of the project. The general contractor, Urban Farmer Inc., has worked with the Traffic Department in the development of a traffic control plan. The city has continued to monitor, modify and refine the plans as the project has progressed.