Animal Management Unit

Arvada Animal Management is a Division of the Arvada Police Department that enforces all city ordinances related to animals. Our officers investigate and respond to:

  • loose or stray dogs
  • dangerous or aggressive animals,
  • animal bites,
  • cruelty and/or neglect to animals,
  • nuisance barking,
  • roaming livestock,
  • leash law violations,
  • excess animal feces,
  • injured or sick wildlife complaints

Arvada Animal Management Officers

Arvada Animal Management officers are highly trained and experience professionals.  They are State-certified through the Colorado Association of Animal Control Officers, and through the Department of Agriculture.

Animal Management staff responds to animal-related complaints and promotes responsible pet ownership through enforcement, mediation, and education.  They also work closely with Foothills Animal Shelter for the welfare of lost and stray pets while working diligently to ensure pets are either returned to their owner or adopted.