Criminal Investigations Bureau

While patrol officers respond to the scenes of most incidents and even investigate crimes, the larger, more complex cases are the responsibility of members of the Criminal Investigations Bureau.

This hard working group is committed to responding to critical incidents as well as their on-going case loads in a highly professional and extremely productive manner.

The types of crimes investigated by members of the Criminal Investigations Bureau include:

  • economic crimes,
  • auto theft,
  • fraud,
  • forgery,
  • crimes against children,
  • domestic violence,
  • crimes against persons (such as homicide and assaults)
  • robberies
  • and numerous other crimes

Several members of the Criminal Investigations Bureau are trained and certified in administering polygraphs while another detective is considered an expert in the field of investigating crimes involving computers.  All investigators take pride in continuing in-service training and maintaining top skills in their fields.