Single Family/Duplex/Townhome Permit Requirements

4-Plot Plans/8-1/2" x 14" Maximum size.
2-Building Plans/Complete structural, elevations & braced wall lines must be specified on plans.
2-Basement structural floors with ventilation and moisture mitigation plan.
2-Foundation Plans stamped by a Colorado Professional Engineer.
2-Heat Calculations/Manual J and D
2-Reschecks if doing total UA or a Herrs rating done by a qualified energy rater for a performance design.
1-Soil Report
1-Drainage Plan with contours separate from site plan.
1-Application filled out completely.

2-Truss packs stamped -90 Exposure B west of Tennyson

                                    -100 Exposure B west of Sheridan

                                    -110 Exposure B west of Wadsworth

                                    - 110 Exposure C west of Indianna

Unless otherwise noted by building department that the building could be Exposure C


All documents must be filled out completely and submitted with permit application or the permit will not be accepted. Custom Home Plans will require that we collect the Plan Review Fee when the permit is dropped off for review. Permits require 2 weeks for repeat plans and 4 weeks for custom or master plans/approximately.
Any delay in your reply to our questions will affect the time to get any permit approved.