2010 CPAAA Board Members Elected

November 11, 2009 CPAAA Election Results:

Vice-Chair: Lloyd Ferguson

Treasurer: Nancy Mayer

Members-At-Large:  Diana Denker  & Jentry Kendall

According to the by-laws 5.3: "The Chair may appoint a member to fill any vacancy created on the Executive Board with the Executive Board's approval. Such appointment shall be for the balance of the current term."

Since Nancy Mayer will resign her secretary position as of Jan. 1, 2010 in order to accept the treasurer position, Maureen Tooher has been appointed to fill the secretary vacancy until Dec. 31, 2010.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL AND A BIG thank you to outgoing treasurer, Kay Rowland, Member-at-Large, Leona Rude, and Past Chair, Marilynn Maring for their service this past year. Not only have they served on the Executive Board but they have also coordinated and volunteered for many of our events. We look forward to their continued participation and leadership during 2010.