2010-2011 Intersection Safety Improvements

POSTED 8/13/2009

Project Overview:

Advances in traffic engineering techniques and traffic control devices reduce collision risk and enhance public safety. The Traffic and Transportation team pursued federal funding opportunities to apply newly developed engineering standards at the following locations:

W 64th Ave at Simms St intersection: in 2010, $108,000 will be provided to the City of Arvada to rebuild the intersection left turn pockets on W 64th Ave for improved roadway alignment and better views of oncoming traffic.

Ralston Rd at Garrison St intersection: in 2011, $320,000 will be allocated to the City of Arvada to realign the Ralston Rd left turn pockets and rebuild the signal mast arms, placing signal heads in the forward view of motorists approaching the intersection.

Why is the City improving the W 64th Ave at Simms St and Ralston Rd at Garrison St intersections?

For any given fiscal year, the Colorado State Department of Transportation (CDOT) notifies City and County transportation offices of funding opportunities through the Federal Hazard Elimination program.

CDOT Traffic Engineering evaluates and prioritizes the projects using Weighted Hazard Index (WHI) or Binomial Probability (BP) formulas. To ensure cost effectiveness, the proposed solutions designed by the local jurisdictions are compared to the crash patterns and funding is awarded to projects that best address safety issues.

Within Arvada Public Works Department, Traffic and Transportation staff investigated crash data to identify locations that meet application requirements. Two intersections were selected for the grant program. Working with the Engineering Division, traffic solutions for each intersection were developed and drafted to supplement the applications. Both applications have been reviewed and accepted by CDOT for federal funding.

Project Status:

The project is currently in the Design Phase and will be completed and advertised for bid by the Engineering Division of Public Works. For more information about the project, please contact:

John Firouzi
Transportation Engineer