2012 Voluntary Summer Lawn Watering Guidelines


City of Arvada April 26, 2012

Stage 1 Drought Watch – Request for Voluntary Water Conservation

Arvada, and Colorado as a whole, is experiencing a dry period. It is uncertain right now if this is the beginning of a severe drought or simply a dry spell that will end later this year. As this is an arid area, it does not take much of a weather change to shift from a wet to a dry period.

Using more water will result in lower stream flows and reservoir levels, thus curtailing recreational opportunities and having a greater impact on wildlife. All water that can be conserved today will be available for use next year so at this time we are asking everyone to use water wisely and to reduce their water usage where possible.

Arvada is contractually required to follow the drought restrictions imposed by Denver Water. At this time Denver Water has issued a Stage 1 Drought Watch and called for voluntary water conservation efforts. Arvada has established summer watering guidelines that it requests all residents to follow. The lawn watering guidelines are posted in the Related Links section on the right. Information on ways to conserve water is being mailed out in water bills and will be provided in the June/July Arvada Report in a few weeks.

Like Denver Water, Arvada has long standing probations against wasting water. Wasting water means not putting the water to beneficial use; an example would be overwatering such that water runs off the landscape into the street and down to the stormwater system. The City can issue fines for repeated violations of the wasting water ordinance.