About Regular City Council Meetings

The city council shall meet in regular sessions on the first and third and occasionally on the fifth Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. The agenda for regular meetings shall primarily be devoted to the transaction of city business requiring formal voting by city council. A regular meeting may be held on a Tuesday when ordered by the city council for any reason including when a holiday falls on a Monday. The place of all regular meetings shall be the city council chamber in the Arvada city hall, unless otherwise designated by city council. The city council may, by motion, hold meetings, as it deems appropriate at a location specified by city council.

Prior to convening a regular meeting, the city council shall meet in the council conference room to hold an agenda review work session.

No formal votes shall be taken during an agenda review work session except to convene an executive session. However, city council may provide the city manager and city attorney with directions concerning agenda related items. The substance of any quasi-judicial hearing, which has been scheduled or heard by the planning commission or city council, shall not be discussed. Ordinarily the agenda review work session shall not be televised, but it shall be open to the public.

If you plan on attending a city council meeting, it is always a good idea to check with the City Clerk's Office on either Friday or Monday prior to the meeting to make sure the schedule has not changed. You can reach the City Clerk's office at 720-898-7550.