Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to questions related to AEDA, our community, and doing business in the City of Arvada. Please call the AEDA office at 720-898-7010 if you can't find a specific answer or have additional questions, the AEDA staff would be happy to assist you!

What is the Sales Tax Rate for Arvada?

What is the Sales Tax Rate for Colorado?

Do I need a Business license?
Yes, for more information click on the link below

Does the City charge Use or Occupational Tax?

What is Arvada’s Property Tax Rate?
4.31 mils

How do I find information on permits, zones, signage, codes, etc…?
Contact Community Development at 720-898-7465

How many acres or square miles make up Arvada’s land area?
23,000 acres and 38.26 square miles

How many acres of available land are accounted for commercial and industrial development?
1,000 acres

How many people live in Arvada?