AEDA’s Terms and Conditions of Use

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this web site is to provide the user with information about the Arvada business community and business resources. The Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA) web site may contain links to other web or computer sites that are not owned, regularly reviewed or controlled by AEDA. It is the policy of AEDA to limit these links to web sites that support AEDA web site's mission statement and/or web sites that provide frequently requested information as deemed appropriate or necessary. The AEDA web site is not intended to function as a public forum. The provision of these links should not be construed as an endorsement or sponsorship of these external web sites, their content or their hosts. The views and opinions of the authors of documents published on or linked to AEDA web site do not necessarily state or reflect the opinion, policy or position of AEDA.

Mission Statement

The AEDA website is a helpful communication tool offering comprehensive business resources such as demographics, financial assistance programs, taxes, zoning information, transportation, development projects, business events, as well as an updated database listing of Arvada businesses.  

Links Disclaimer

AEDA is not responsible for the content, quality, accuracy or completeness of any off-site materials referenced or linked through AEDA’s web site. By using AEDA’s web site, the user acknowledges and accepts that AEDA is not responsible for any materials stored on other web sites, nor is it liable for any inaccurate, defamatory, offensive or illegal materials found on other web sites, and that the risk of injury or damage from viewing, hearing, down-loading or storing such materials rests entirely with the user.

Link Policy

The AEDA web site contains links to other internet sites and resources. AEDA does not control the content nor does it maintain these sites. Whenever a user selects a link to a site that is not controlled by AEDA, a warning screen will appear and advise the user that they are leaving AEDA’s web site and that AEDA does not endorse any product or entity for which a link may be provided and that AEDA is not responsible for the content, quality, accuracy, completeness or availability of any off-site materials, resources and/or products.

AEDA is linked to local, county, state, and national organizations; economic development groups; Arvada businesses; restaurants; major employers; commercial real estate professionals; and other organizations providing business resources.  AEDA reviews all link requests for adherence to these criteria.
Links to Political Groups
In order to avoid any potential violation of the Colorado Fair Campaign Practices Act, Article 45, Title 1, C.R.S., links shall not be made to sites that are associated with, sponsored by or serve a candidate for elected office, any political party or organization supporting or seeking to defeat any candidate for elective office or ballot proposal.

Editorial Policy

AEDA is responsible for the content of its web pages on AEDA’s web site under the general direction of the Operational Review Committee and the rules it adopts. The Operational Review Committee is responsible for the content of administrative and general-content pages on AEDA’s web site. The AEDA home page "latest news" and "announcements" sections are gathered from information published elsewhere on the site and compiled by the operational review committee to emphasize in an impartial fashion the events, programs, services and announcements from Arvada businesses, the media and community partners that are of interest to the general public. The AEDA staff will edit news for space on the home page and correct typographical errors, grammatical errors, misspelled words, or syntax that is unclear. Additional items may be sent to the operational review committee for consideration of inclusion. Selections of items to be included are influenced by adherence to AEDA’s mission statement and accuracy, available space, and timeliness. Anonymous submissions are not accepted.

Social Media Policy

Social media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and content creation. Social media uses the "wisdom of crowds" to connect information in a collaborative manner online. Through social media, individuals or collaborations of individuals create web content, organize content, edit or comment on content, combine content, and share content.

Please note that the comments expressed through any AEDA social media medium do not reflect the opinions and position of AEDA or its board of directors, and employees. If you have any questions concerning the operation of this or any online City of Arvada moderated discussion site, please contact the AEDA office at 720-898-7010 or AEDA at .


We welcome citizen comments and expect that any conversation will follow the general rules of respectful civil discourse. We recognize that the Web is a 24/7 medium, however, given the need to manage AEDA resources, moderating and posting of comments will occur during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Comments submitted after hours or on weekends will be read and posted as early as possible. In most cases, this means the next business day.  Commenters are fully responsible for everything that they submit in their comments, and all posted comments are in the public domain. We do not discriminate against any views, but we reserve the right not to post comments.

By default commenting ability will be “turned on” where possible, and citizens will be allowed to leave comments on all social media content. All comments will have to be approved by a comment moderator. At the request of content “business owner,” commenting ability may be removed due to the sensitivity of the subject material. However, this will be the exception and not the norm.

Limitations of Comment Approval

AEDA’s comment moderator shall approve all comments that are topically related to the particular content being commented and thus within the purpose of the limited public forum, with the exception of the prohibited content including but not limited to the following:

A. Comments not topically related to the particular content being commented upon;
B. Profane language or content;
C. Discourteous communications including personal attacks on an individual's character or appearance;
D. Content that promotes, fosters, or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, physical or mental disability, sexual identification or orientation, or national origin;
E. Sexual content or links to sexual content;
F. Solicitations of commerce;
G. Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity;
H. Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems; or
I. Content that violates a legal ownership interest of any other party; and
J. We won’t follow you unless you follow us etc.


The materials provided on this web site are intended for public use on computer systems located primarily within the City of Arvada and AEDA, and for the benefit of visitors to this City and AEDA. Any person choosing to use this web site or seeking access to information or materials on this system is agreeing to be subject to Colorado jurisdiction. Any dispute arising therefrom shall be decided under the laws and in the courts of Colorado.


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Notice to AEDA

Communication made through email or any other computer messaging system shall in no way be deemed to constitute legal notice to the City of Arvada and AEDA or any of its agencies, officers, employees, agents or representatives with respect to any existing or potential claim or cause of action.