Air Quality / Wood Burning Restrictions

Air quality is a concern for the Denver area, especially in the winter months when air inversions can trap pollutants near the ground and making breathing more difficult.

Arvada, along with the other metropolitan cities, have restricted the use of fireplaces (or other solid fuel burning devices such as wood stoves and inserts) during the the high pollution season. EPA or State approved wood stoves and inserts are exempt from wood burning restrictions. However, all indoor woodburning devices are required to limit the opacity of smoke emissions to less than 20%.  Wood stoves and inserts sold today in Colorado are all certified units.

The restrictions start Thursday, October 31st at midnight and are in effect through March 31st. The State Air Pollution Control Division issues advisories daily at 4:00 p.m. during this time.

People with respiratory problems have difficulty breathing on high pollution days. Simply curtailing wood burning and reducing the amount we drive helps keep air quality from worsening on these days. What each of us does may be small but working together we can improve our air quality.

Air quality information and wood burning restriction information can be obtained by calling the Air Quality Hotlines at 303-758-4848 or 3030-782-0211 and is also available through most major media outlets

If you see someone that is burning on a high pollution day please call the City's Stormwater and Environmental Compliance Division at 720-898-7810.