Alkire Street Bike Lanes

POSTED: 08/07/12

Project Overview:

The Alkire Street Safe Route to School (SRTS) project will formalize an existing southbound bike lane and install a northbound bike lane, thus providing bike lanes in both directions for the majority of the road between W. 75th Ave and W. 80th Ave.  With a matching trail located on the west side of the roadway, the project develops a “complete street” that directly serves Van Arsdale Elementary School and is a heavily used pedestrian route to Ralston Valley High School.  

What is a Safe Route to School project?

Colorado is a participant in the federally funded Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) initiative that brings together advocacy groups, public schools, and government agencies to advance youth bicycle-pedestrian travel to schools.

How much federal funding is available to Arvada?

The City was awarded $146,113 to design and construct the bicycle facilities.  The planned project will utilize the funds for design and completion by Fall 2012.

Project Benefits:

Congestion Relief: developing bikeways and sidewalks allow safe travel for non-motorized trips to local destinations, therefore reducing congestion on roadways.

Connectivity: constructing the bike lane and sidewalk completes a missing link in the trail system and enhances network connectivity.

Environment: multi-modal transportation corridors promote transportation alternatives that reduce traffic congestion, energy consumption, and greenhouse gases.

Project Status:

The project is now complete. For more information about the project, please contact:

John Firouzi
Transportation Engineer