Arvada Awarded $1,000,000 for City Projects


In June 2010, the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) announced the availability of $55 million in “excess” federal transportation funds for fiscal years 2010/2011.  “Excess” funds sometimes become available when projects incur cost savings during the design or construction process.  To benefit the Denver region economy, DRCOG utilized the opportunity to solicit “quick implementation” projects from local governments.  The City of Arvada submitted six project applications for consideration.  In their selection process, and in order to award funds to as many cities as possible, DRCOG gave priority to bicycle and pedestrian improvements. The City of Arvada was awarded two projects - Olde Wadsworth Reconstruction and the W. 72nd Ave. Bicycle Lane and Walkway project for a total of $1,012,000 in grant funding. 


Olde Wadsworth Reconstruction – Ralston Road to W. 64th Ave

The plan is to reconstruct a ½ mile segment of Olde Wadsworth to the pedestrian and bicycle friendly street type found in the City’s Transit Oriented Development Bike and Pedestrian Access Plan for the Gold Line stations. The street will have appropriate lane widths, 4 ft bike lanes, relocated curb and gutter, and wider, ADA compliant pedestrian walkways along the corridor.  This route intersects the Ralston Creek regional trail and connects residents on the north side of Ralston Road to Olde Town Arvada and the future Gold Line.  The project will also benefit students utilizing Olde Wadsworth to reach Arvada High School. The City was awarded $640,000 with the 20% matching contribution of $160,000.  The project is currently in the design phase and will be advertised for construction in February 2011.


W. 72nd Ave Bicycle Lane and Walkway Construction Project

W. 72nd Ave is a regional bicycle and pedestrian route with a 1 mile missing link between Simms and Kipling Street.  Because the corridor is adjacent to Oberon Middle School and crosses Union Pacific Railroad, the City is emphasizing pedestrian safety and bicycle friendliness by constructing individual facilities for each form of travel.  This project widens the paved street to add a 5 ft westbound bike lane and creates a wide walkway on the north side of the road.  The City was awarded $372,000 with the 20% matching contribution of $93,000.  The project is under design and will be advertised for construction by July 2011.


The City is committed to completing Arvada’s transportation network and regularly seeks outside funding opportunities to facilitate local roadway improvements.  The City of Arvada is enhancing pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to promote walking, biking, and transit access to ease traffic congestion and create an inviting atmosphere within the community.