Arvada Awarded $146,113 for City Project

POSTED 03/24/2011

Colorado is a participant in the federally funded Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) initiative that brings together advocacy groups, public schools, and government agencies to advance youth bicycle-pedestrian travel to schools.  The Colorado State Department of Transportation (CDOT) administers the grant process on behalf of the federal government and coordinates local jurisdiction projects.  The City of Arvada has historically applied for SRTS grants and most recently completed a SRTS project on Simms Street in the vicinity of Oberon Middle School.

Alkire Street is now also a recipient of the 2011 SRTS grant that will formalize an existing southbound bike lane and install a northbound bike lane, thus providing bike lanes in both directions for the majority of the road between W. 75th Ave and W. 80th Ave.  With a matching trail located on the west side of the roadway, the project develops a “complete street” that directly serves Van Arsdale Elementary School and is a heavily used pedestrian route to Ralston Valley High School.  The City was awarded $146,113 to design and construct the bicycle facilities.  The planned project is scheduled for design and completion by Fall 2012.

Project Benefits:

Congestion Relief: developing bikeways and sidewalks allow safe travel for non-motorized trips to local destinations, therefore reducing congestion on roadways.

Connectivity: constructing the bike lane and sidewalk completes a missing link in the trail system and enhances network connectivity.

Environment: multi-modal transportation corridors promote transportation alternatives that reduce traffic congestion, energy consumption, and greenhouse gases.

The City is committed to completing Arvada’s transportation network and regularly seeks outside funding opportunities to facilitate local roadway improvements.  The City of Arvada is enhancing pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to promote walking, biking, and transit access to ease traffic congestion and create an inviting atmosphere within the community.