Arvada Can Resume Limited Outdoor Watering

At 2:30 p.m. on Friday, September 20, the Arvada Water Treatment Plant was brought back on-line. All water users for the City of Arvada may now irrigate outdoors as needed to maintain their landscaping. The City is still asking the community to be conservative and use water only as needed.

Due to the unprecedented floods of last week, large amounts of dirt were carried into the City’s source water supply forcing the City of Arvada to shut down one of its water treatment plants and the other plant lost significant treatment capacity. Therefore the City’s ability to treat water was limited. This forced the City to request assistance from the entire community to stop all outdoor watering.

The City has two Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Ralston WTP and Arvada WTP.  The Ralston WTP has remained on-line and capacity at that plant continues to steadily improve.  The sediment in the Arvada Reservoir waters has continued to settle out and the Arvada treatment plant is now able to purify the water from this source. Currently, overall water production is now at about 50% of maximum capacity. The City does request that water users continue to limit their watering to the most needed areas until we are at full capacity. Staff estimates that it will be a few more weeks before full capacity is restored.

Drier and warmer weather is returning to Colorado and some residents may need to irrigate in order to maintain their landscaping. The City now has sufficient water treatment capacity for limited irrigation to occur.

The City of Arvada thanks everyone for their cooperation during this emergency situation.