Arvada Does Not Ban 'For Sale' Signs in Cars!

City Ordinance Prohibits Parking Vehicle With "Intent to Sell"

The current debate over the City's ordinance regarding 'for sale' signs in cars has been mis-characterized.

The City of Arvada DOES NOT ban 'for sale' signs in cars. Rather, the City's ordinance prohibits vehicle owners from placing such a sign in a vehicle and parking it for the primary purpose of having an "intent to sell."

Vehicles can have a 'for sale' sign and drivers can go about their daily business, driving to work, shopping, parking at home, etc.

The City's ordinance is intended to prohibit the 'informal used car lots' that have a tendency to spring up over the weekends, or parking a vehicle for days on end at the local grocery store. Ultimately, the ordinance is about keeping the community attractive and preventing traffic disruptions.

Arvada has many codes focused on the aesthetics of the community. For example, homeowners are required to keep weeds and grass under 12". Signs (political and otherwise) are prohibited in the public rights-of-way. Trash cans are not to be left out for over 24 hours. Etc., etc., etc.

Arvada's biennial citizen surveys demonstrate that our residents are very pleased with the quality and attractiveness of our community.