National Telecommunicators' Week

More than 200,000 calls came into the Arvada Police Department in 2009. While some of the calls resulted in referrals to other agencies or non-emergency situations, many involved critical incidents.

APRIL 11-17, 2010 marked National Telecommunications Week, a time to celebrate the heroes who serve as emergency services dispatchers.

"The men and women of the Communications Center are the unsung heroes of the department," said Vicki Pickett, manager of the Arvada Police Department's Communications Center. "They respond to a wide variety of emergency calls 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and play a vital role in officer safety by providing a lifeline to those who patrol the streets of the city."

The Arvada Police Department's Communications Center is staffed with 20 Communications Specialists, three supervisors and one manager.

"Members of the Communications Center are the first line of contact for citizens calling for help from police officers," said Deputy Chief Lynn Johnson. "The dispatch team has one of the most critical roles in the organization."

As part of the celebration, members of the Communications Center attended a banquet in their honor to celebrate these talented workers.

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