Arvada Residents Get Relief from Federal Grant

(Arvada, CO) – Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds are received by cities, counties, and states from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and constitute one of the last few remaining Federal resources available to jurisdictions to help meet the needs of their disadvantaged and at risk citizens and neighborhoods. 

This program recognizes that local citizens and their elected representatives are most familiar with their community’s needs and allows vital flexibility, within reasonable limits, to design and implement solutions for pressing community problems.  CDBG funds also allow communities to strike partnerships with local non-profit organizations to make the most efficient use of limited public resources.

In 2011, the City of Arvada utilized CDBG funds to assist various agencies in providing vital services to low- and moderate-income Arvada citizens. End of year reporting reveals Arvada CDBG funding was utilized, most often in cooperation with local non-profit organizations, to:

  • Aid 19 homeowners to make vital home repairs through the City Essential Home Repairs Program.
  • Provide food to 7,092 families through the Arvada Community Food Bank.
  • Provide primary medical care to 757 children and adults through the Carin’ Clinic.
  • Provide a senior meal site in Olde Town Arvada through the Volunteers of America Senior lunch program, and through the Meals-On-Wheels program to provide 8,589 meals to Arvada seniors.
  • Assist the Jefferson County Mental Health Center which provided services for 23,806 at-risk children, families, and individual adults throughout Jefferson County.  This assistance comes in the form of in-home counseling, group, individual therapy, or transitioning back into life after a hospital stay or personal crisis.
    • Assist the Metro Community Provider Network in providing medical and dental services for 5,019 Arvada citizens.
    • Assist The Family Tree Hotline, providing information to 9,360 Arvada low-income individuals and families for those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

CDBG is widely regarded as a vital and flexible Federal community development and housing assistance program returning tax dollars back to individual communities to assist those citizens who are most in need.