At Risk of Electricity or Gas Shut Off?

Are you or someone you know facing an electric or gas shut-off by Xcel Service Company? Help may be available.

The City of Arvada receives a grant from Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) to provide financial assistance with  Xcel bills to Arvada residents only  who are at risk of having their electric and/or gas service disconnected.  Financial assistance is made available once a year to help those Arvada citizens who are behind in paying their gas and/or electric bill because of adverse one-time circumstances in their lives such as illness, loss of job. or high medical bills.

Criteria for this assistance:

  • Must be an Arvada resident
  • Applicants must apply to LEAP first, and provide proof they have been denied, approved or don't qualify for LEAP.
  • Bill has to be at least one day in the arrears
  • Valid ID
  • Xcel bill must be in the applicants name and/or be on that specific account.

 EOC can still provide assistance once LEAP has assisted or denied help. EOC funds can not be used for connections, reconnection or deposits.

Call 720-898-7496 to set up an appointment to come in and fill out an application.

LEAP can be contacted at 866-432-8435.  More information is available at the Energy Outreach Colorado website