Background: Arvada Police Department’s Life Trak Program

With the loss of Kristina Vlassenko, age 10, inquiries have been made as to how the Life Trak system works. 

Colorado Life Trak

  • A person qualifies to participate in Colorado Life Trak if they, regardless of age, have a medical or cognitive condition that places them at risk to wander and become lost.
  • Examples may be Alzheimer’s disease in older adults, and Down’s syndrome or Autism in children.
  • The Participant wears a small transmitter about the size and shape of a wristwatch.
  • The transmitter sends out a constant signal on a unique, individualized frequency.
  • The signal can be quickly located by specialized tracking equipment. (This is not GPS tracking.)
  • The Arvada Police Department has contacted Care Trak (parent company of Life Trak) to address the issue of the product not transmitting from under water.

How the program works

  • A family member or caregiver of an at-risk child or at-risk adult contacts the Arvada Police Department to enroll in Colorado Life Trak.
  • Participants wear a personalized wristband that emits a tracking signal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, over several miles.
  • A State grant funds the program for participants.
  • A search and rescue team responds to a missing persons call and uses a mobile locator tracking system to find the Colorado Life Trak participant.
  • The Arvada Police Department has more than a dozen trained Life Trak equipment operators working various patrol shifts and within different divisions of the organization.
  • In this incident, a trained operator was working on patrol at the time of the first call of the missing person and had the tracking equipment up and operational within minutes of being dispatched.
  • Additional operators responded and searched for more than eight hours. The equipment was then turned over to an overnight police officer who continued to monitor the equipment for the rest of the night.
  • More than 30 participants are in the City of Arvada’s Life Trak program.