Barking Dogs

What does the barking ordinance say?

Excerpt from barking ordinance: It shall be unlawful for any owner or custodian of an animal to allow said animal to create a disturbance by loud and persistent or habitual barking, howling, yelping or other unreasonable noise.

How do I report a barking dog?

Step 1: Arvada Animal Management suggests that you contact the owner regarding the barking dog in an effort to resolve the problem at a neighborhood level first. This can be done in person or by sending a signed letter describing the specific problem.

Additionally, Animal Management has a form letter available for you to fill out and send to the dog owner.

It is recognized that this is not always possible or desirable for you to contact your neighbor. If you are uncomfortable making the initial contact, an Animal Management Officer will intervene.

Step 2: If the problem persists after the initial contact or if you are not comfortable contacting the owner, a warning can be issued. To issue a warning, the following information is needed from you.

  • Complete Address of the dog owner. If this is unknown, an Animal Management Officer will try to assist you in gaining this information.
  • Description of dog(s) and circumstances. i.e. color, breed, size, etc. Can you see the dog(s)? Can you tell what they are barking at, if anything?
  • Specific date and time frames and/or intervals the dog(s) were barking. For example:  "the dog barked from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m."  To say, "the dog barks all the time," is too vague and difficult to enforce the ordinance.

Step 3: If the barking complaint is not resolved after the warning, then you will be instructed on the process of filing a formal complaint.

The complaint is in the form of a summons into municipal court.

The Animal Management Officer may only issue a summons if you can provide the specific information described in step 2 and have a second witness that resides in a separate household. This person must be willing to testify with you in court, should that become necessary. This person can be a neighbor or a guest who was disturbed by the barking.

Videotape of the dog barking or other supportive evidence can also be used in lieu of a second witness. In some cases, an Animal Management Officer can be the second witness, but be aware that an officer may not be available when the dog is barking.

Animal Management Officer may refer specific cases to Jefferson County mediation services for assistance in resolving the case.

To make a complaint, call 720-898-6900.

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