Car Break-Ins Surge in July

More than 75 car break-ins have been reported in Arvada since July 1, 2010. While the city saw a 7% drop in the crime of first degree criminal trespass (car break-ins) in the first half of the year, the spike in this crime in July is a cause for concern for police. 

In 50% of the car break-in crimes the doors of the vehicles were unlocked allowing easy access for criminals to steal personal property left inside cars. 

Cash, credit cards, GPS units and iPods are some of the more popular items stolen. 

Citizens are reminded to always lock their car doors and to never leave items of value inside, even if it’s “stashed” so it’s out of view from those passing by. They should also remove cords to electronics so it doesn’t tip a would-be criminal as to what may be inside a vehicle. 

Police ask citizens to report any suspicious individuals in neighborhoods or those who may be lurking about in parking lots of stores in the city.  

The rash of car break-ins in July has occurred throughout the entire city. 

Several arrests have been made of those allegedly involved in several of the car break-ins in recent weeks.

For a more detailed look at Arvada Crime Reports, click here.

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