City Launches Ask Arvada Service

It's live on the web!!! Our new on-line service called Ask Arvada is now available! It is located on the city's website, You can access it by clicking on the Ask Arvada logo or under the menu on the left, as well as under the "online service area."

What is this new service called Ask Arvada? It is a virtual City Hall. It is also a Citizen Relationship Management tool (CRM) that allows citizens to request service and information from us through our web site, 24/7.
Couldn't citizens request service and information on the web before? Sure, but this system will allow people to find information with a simple key word or phrase without knowing which department or which web menu button to select. By searching the system with a key word, all related topics are available by a simple click, and many allow folks to make a service request.

What is a service request? A service request could be a question, a problem, a compliment or request for action or assistance. The customer/citizen fills out the service request online, provides some required contact information, and clicks on submit; it gets routed to the appropriate person and department for service. The citizen does not need to know where to send the request because Ask Arvada has been set up to automatically route the request to the right person based on the topic and associated work flow.

An employee can also fill out a service request from a citizen who is in city hall or can be made by a citizen who calls on the phone (720-898-7850) to use Ask Arvada.

Are there more reasons we have launched Ask Arvada? Yes! Ask Arvada will track all citizen contacts throughout the City so we can build our organizational knowledge of the types of service calls we receive; better understand how effective and timely our responses are; and help us identify trends, issues, and other community needs.

Ask Arvada will track all contacts which will save time and resources when following up on an issue, or when an issue has involved several departments/divisions/employees.

One more way to provide excellent personal service and Continue to Build a Great Community!