City of Arvada Projects Ready for Stimulus Plan


Posted February 27, 2009                Updated March 6, 2009

In response to a call-for-projects by the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), City of Arvada infrastructure project applications were submitted to the Metropolitan Planning Organization for federal transportation economic recovery funds.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, signed by President Obama, established stimulus money to be distributed amongst governments to revive the US economy and create employment while improving public infrastructure and services.  Prior to signing the Act, DRCOG organized an eligibility process to solicit transportation projects from its member governments.

The City of Arvada Public Works and Parks departments complied and submitted 33 projects, requesting $33,115,000 to build and improve roads, utilities, bicycle networks, pedestrian sidewalks, and transit facilities within the City.  DRCOG accepted and posted 30 of the City's projects into their eligibility list for a total request amount of $30,285,000.

DRCOG members submitted nearly 180 small and large transportation projects requesting a total of $650 million.  Only about $60 million is available in federal funds to support the municipal projects. View the complete list of eligible projects submitted to DRCOG here:

Transportation Planners and Engineers at DRCOG used a unique process to proportionally distribute the funds amongst municipal governments. Large scale Surface Transportation Program (STP) projects with regional benefits, such as freeway interchange construction, competed for financial support in a pool of $55.9 million. Small scale municipal transportation developments, known as "enhancement projects", competed for $4.7 million of the federal stimulus money.

With overwhelming support of FasTracks projects that have regional and economic benefits, the DRCOG Board of Directors took action at a special March 4 meeting and approved 13 projects in the Denver region. On the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) list are projects ranging from interchange reconstructions to Denver Union Station to bicycle and pedestrian projects. About 45 percent of the funds awarded are expected to be underway in as soon as 120 days.


Surface Transportation Program (STP) Funding Category (Funds available = $55.9 million)

Pecos Grade Separation (grade-separate Pecos: 60th to Union Pacific Railroad) = $10 million

Project sponsor: Adams County

New I-225 Interchange at 17th (construct Phase 2 of a new interchange at 17th) = $11.3 million

Project sponsor: City of Aurora

US-36: 120th Avenue Connection (Phase 3 of project, connecting SH-128 over US-36) = $4 million

Project sponsor: City and County of Broomfield

I-70: Central Park Boulevard Interchange Reconstruction (reconstruct Havana interchange, including new interstate access between Havana and Quebec at the new Central Park Boulevard) = $12 million

Project sponsor: City and County of Denver

Denver Union Station (intermodal renovations) = $18.6 million

Project sponsor: RTD

Enhancement Funding Category (Funds available = $4.7 million)

Dry Creek Bicycle / Pedestrian Bridge Extension (construct bicycle/pedestrian bridge crossing Inverness Drive West south of Dry Creek Road) = $1.4 million

Project sponsor: Arapahoe County

Roadway reconstruction: Main Street, from 3rd to 5th – Highway 36/66 (streetscape enhancements and reconstruction, including paving, curbs and gutters, landscaping and pedestrian amenities) = $570,000

Project sponsor: Town of Lyons

Highway 119/72: Eldora Road to 2nd Street (add sidewalks and connect to RTD parking) = $325,000

Project sponsor: Town of Nederland

West 86th Parkway Bike Lanes (complete missing length of attached bicycle lane on south side of road from Queen Street to West 88th Avenue) = $300,000

Project sponsor: City of Arvada

ADA Pedestrian Access Improvements (install pedestrian access ramps to meet ADA design guidelines within two zones in the city) = $825,000

Project sponsor: City of Boulder

Bikeway Mobility Enhancements (install new signs and lane markings to complete existing bike routes on various street locations) = $250,000

Project sponsor: City and County of Denver

US-36 Trail: Bradburn Boulevard from 73rd Avenue to Turnpike Drive (upgrade existing 4-foot sidewalk by replacing with 8-foot-wide detached concrete sidewalk) = $300,000

Project sponsor: City of Westminster

Leon A. Wurl Parkway Bike Lanes (addition of paved bike lanes on north and south sides of Leon A. Wurl Parkway, from Bonanza Drive east to I-25 interchange) = $733,000

Project sponsor: Town of Erie


Councilman Azari and City of Arvada Staff have been competitive and pro-active in the DRCOG eligibility process. The City will continue to seek opportunities to utilize the ARRA funds to implement transportation projects that benefit the Arvada community. Extensive reporting procedures have been established by the Act in exchange for the funds, where the public can track the federal dollars and see reports on job creation as a result: