Colorado Wireless Communities Signs Letter of Intent with C-Com

A consortium of 10 metro cities seeks to bring regional wireless broadband network to the Front Range

The Colorado Wireless Communities (CWC) has signed a Letter of Intent to negotiate a contract for the deployment of a multi-use regional wireless broadband network with Colorado based C-Com. The CWC anticipates achieving a multi-use municipal wireless network by selecting a vendor to fund, build, own and operate the network.

In March 2007, the CWC initiated a RFP (request for proposal) process seeking plans for a regional wireless broadband network that would:
• Promote job, business and economic growth throughout the CWC region
• Provide a backup and contingency infrastructure for disaster response and recovery
• Enhance education by improving teacher/student interaction and enabling distance learning
• Improve efficiency of government services, including enhanced interoperable public safety communications
• Improve the experience for visitors, tourists and business travelers across the CWC region.

CWC received various levels of interest and/or proposals from eight businesses in response to its RFP. C-Com submitted their proposal with their implementation partner BelAir Networks a recognized leader in municipal Wi-Fi equipment, design and deployment. Based on C-Com's written responses and performance during the evaluation process, the CWC will negotiate exclusively with C-Com in hopes of accomplishing the goals outlined in the RFP. The two parties intend to reach an agreement by the end of the year.

The combined population of the 10 cities is approximately 620,000, and the combined coverage area is 137 square miles.

The CWC believes that the proposed network will benefit its communities by providing:
• Low cost high speed Internet access for residents, businesses, institutions and visitors
• More efficient and effective government services
• Economic growth and increased competitiveness in local, regional and global markets
• Increased collaboration across communities
• Promotion of digital inclusion throughout the region
• Enhanced overall quality of life for our residents, businesses, institutions and visitors.
• Low cost local telephone services for residents, businesses and institutions

About the Colorado Wireless Communities (CWC): In September 2006, a partnership of 10 Colorado communities formed with the purpose of committing to broadband wireless technology, to drive innovation and advancement in their communities and throughout the region. CWC launched its wireless initiative to advance affordable wireless broadband, to improve the efficiency of government, to promote digital inclusion, and to stimulate economic development. The CWC member municipalities are: Arvada, Boulder, City and County of Broomfield, Golden, Lakewood, Louisville, Northglenn, Town of Superior, Thornton and Wheat Ridge. More information can be found on the CWC Web site at

About C-Com: C-COM provides Local, Long Distance and Data Services to its customers. Founded in 1983, C-COM has been offering highly competitive Long Distance rates throughout the United States while serving over 250 universities. In January of 2003, C-COM began offering Local Services to its Colorado customers and today it provides over 4500 local lines and Data Services to residents, small and large businesses, school districts and municipalities such as Boulder, Fort Collins, Longmont, Lakewood, Pueblo and Westminster. More information can be found on the C-Com web site at

About Bel-Air Networks: BelAir Networks is a wireless mesh infrastructure supplier, founded in 2001, that provides broadband wireless networking solutions built around Wi-Fi, WiMAX and cellular technologies, and optimized for high density hot zone and Muni WiFi mesh network deployments. More information can be found on the Bel-Air web site at