Control Flushing of the Water Mains

Crews will be flushing additional quadrants of the water system today, April 30:

  • Lamar to Harlan between 54th and 60th Avenues

Please note: the speed we are able to flush the lines depends on the concentration of the discoloration.  The flushing schedule may move slower or faster than the above estimate. 

Last September's floods triggered a discolored-water event in the City's water system. The Water Operations Division is still dealing with the aftermath of that event. Crews are control flushing the system on days when the air temperature is warm enough not to cause unsafe icing of roadways or sidewalks. We have crews in most every sector of the City working in different pressure zones to flush the mains. This control flushing includes working weekends weather-permitting.

One unfortunate, but unavoidable, consequence of the flushing program is that customers will experience periods of discolored water while the water mains in their neighborhood are being flushed.  While the water is safe to drink, there may be some temporary color or taste issues. The water is continually monitored by our staff in the Water Quality Section. Once the control flushing is completed, the discoloration will dissipate. Running the water through your fixtures for fifteen to twenty minutes will expedite that process.

We appreciate your patience while we work through this situation. Our normal Control Flushing Program is scheduled over a three year period; we are working diligently to complete the work by this spring. If you have concerns, or if your water does not clear up, please call the water operations line at 720-898-7820.