Article I - Organization

1.1 The name of the organization shall be: Citizens Police Academy Arvada Alumni, a not-for-profit organization.

1.2 The organization may change its name at any given General Membership meeting, provided that all members in good standing are advised of such action at least 30 days prior to the meeting and the action is passed by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting.

1.3 This organization shall be governed by common accord. Disputes will be handled according to "Robert's Rules of Order."

1.4 The address of record is Citizens Police Academy Arvada Alumni, P.O. Box 8101, Arvada CO 80001-8101.

1.5 The newsletter will serve as official publication of the organization.

Article II - Purpose

2.1 The organization is formed to bring together graduates of the Arvada Citizens Police Academy.

2.2 Through its members' activities, the organization serves to enhance the relationship between the community and the Arvada Police Department.

2.3 Members of the organization may periodically provide volunteer support to the Arvada Police Department as requested by the department.

2.4 Operational, educational and/or charitable fund-raising activities may be authorized by the Executive Board so long as these activities are consistent with the organization's purpose.

Article III - Fiscal Year

3.1 The organization's fiscal year shall be from January 1st through December 31st.

3.2 In the event this organization dissolves, all funds in the account will be donated to a non-profit that supports the Arvada Police Department. (added 6/17/09)

Article IV - Membership

4.1 Membership shall be open to all graduates of the Arvada Citizens Police Academy. No person shall be discriminated against and/or denied membership in the organization because of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or ethnic background or any other protected class per Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all associated amendments.

4.2 Members shall pay annual dues to attain and keep their membership in good standing. The term of these dues shall coincide with the fiscal year. However, new members who join or pay dues after September 30 shall be granted membership for the remainder of the year plus the full next year. Members shall have up to April 1 each year to renew their membership.

4.3 The Executive Board shall periodically review and update the dues structure to best reflect the needs and interests of the organization and its membership.

4.4 The Executive Board may, by a majority vote, terminate any member's privileges and membership status for cause, provided said member shall have been given at least ten (10) days prior notice in writing and be allowed to attend said Executive Board meeting to show cause why said action should not be taken. Should the Executive Board vote to terminate the member's status, the member may appeal to the General Membership at the next general meeting. Unless the Membership shall, by majority vote, overrule the decision of the Executive Board, said decision of termination shall be final.

4.5 Termination without full board approval may also occur upon direction of the Arvada Police Department and all information related to such termination will be considered confidential.

Article V - Executive Officers

5.1 The officers of the organization shall be: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

5.2 The officers shall be elected by and from the members in good standing. This election shall be conducted at the last General Membership meeting of each fiscal year. The election for specific officers and the resulting terms of office shall be as follows: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer with terms of 2 (two) consecutive years, and no term limits.

5.2.1 Executive Officers shall be elected to 2-year staggered terms held as follows:

· Chair and Secretary for 2 years until odd year January meeting.

· Vice-Chair and Treasurer for 2 years until even year January meeting.

5.2.2 Candidate(s) for the Chair position must be on the current Board (Executive Officers or elected members).

5.3 The Chair shall be the chief executive officer of this organization. The Chair shall preside at all General Membership and Executive Board meetings. The Chair shall have the power to convene special meetings of the Membership and Executive Board with the concurrence of 2 other Executive Board members. The Chair may appoint a member to fill any vacancy created on the Executive Board with the Executive Board's approval. Such appointment shall be for the balance of the current term.

5.4 The Vice Chair shall perform duties as prescribed by the Chair and act as the Chair in the Chair's absence or inability to perform duties. The Vice Chair shall monitor the activities of various committees and be able to report on any committee if a committee representative is not available.

5.5 The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping and reporting the minutes of all general, executive board, and special meetings. Other typical duties of the Secretary position include (1) filing any certificates or reports required by local state, or federal statute; (2) submitting, as appropriate, any communication addressed to the Secretary; (3) providing notices to the members; (4) attending to all correspondence of the organization; and (5) any other duties incident to the Secretary position.

5.6 The treasurer shall render, at Executive Board meetings and such other times as the Chair may instruct, a written account of the finances of the organization in a form and manner showing the closing balance of the last report, all income and expenditures itemized, and a current closing balance. An account shall be maintained at a financial institution as approved by the Executive Board. The financial records are to be audited by January 31 following the close of the prior fiscal year by the Audit Committee, appointed by the Chair. The checks of the organization shall require two signatures of elected officers. The Treasurer shall require invoices or receipts prior to reimbursement for member expenditures on behalf of the organization.

Article VI - Executive Board

6.1 The Executive Board shall consist of the four Executive Officers and five other members as elected by a majority of the membership present at the annual election meeting. Terms for these positions will be two years and will be determined every year to stagger the elected members.

6.2 The Executive Board shall meet once per month or at the call of the Chair. A quorum for the purposes of the Executive Board shall be five Board members of which two must be Executive Officers as defined in 5.1.

6.3 All items of business subject to the vote of the Executive Board shall require the approval of a majority of those members present at the meeting. Furthermore, for unusual or significant expenditures, this approval must include at least three of the Executive Officers and must be done in advance of the expenditure. In the event of a tie, the items of business subject to the vote of the Executive Board will be tabled until the next meeting and/or until the tie is broken.

6.4 A Board member may be removed from the Board for due cause by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board provided said Board member is given at least ten (10) days prior notice in writing and be allowed to attend the next Board meeting to show cause why said action should not be taken. Should the Board vote to remove the Board member, the member may appeal to the General Membership at the next general meeting scheduled. Unless the Membership shall, by majority vote, overrule the decision of the Board, said decision of removal shall be final.

Article VII - Committees

7.1 Committees, standing or special, shall be appointed by the Executive Board as deemed necessary to carry on the work of the organization.

Article VIII - General Membership Meetings

8.1 There shall be at least four General Membership meetings each fiscal year with notice of not less than 14 days given to the membership for each meeting.

8.2 The last meeting of the fiscal year shall be considered the annual election meeting held to elect members to the Executive Board positions.

8.2.1 Members in good standing may self nominate prior to the election meeting and be included on the ballot. Self-nominations and nominations from the floor will be accepted at the meeting and the ballots will be amended as needed. (See 5.2.2 for requirements for the Chair position.)

8.2.2 Candidates will be given an opportunity to address the general membership regarding their qualifications and interest in the position.

8.2.3 Elections will be conducted by secret ballot by the members in good standing present at the election meeting.

8.2.4 Votes will be tallied by no less than three members in good standing who are not on the current ballot. The Arvada Police Department liaison may be one of the vote counters.

8.2.5 Election results will be announced that night.

Article IX -Voting

9.1 Each member present and in good standing shall have one vote in matters before the membership. Each Board member shall have one vote.

9.2 An affirmative vote by a majority of those present and eligible to vote shall constitute approval of those items submitted to a vote. There shall be no proxy votes. The Chair, or the vice-chair if the Chair is not present, shall determine the method of voting for those items submitted to a vote (secret ballot, show of hands, voice vote, roll call vote, etc).

Article X - Liaison With The Arvada Police Department

10.1 The Arvada Police Department's designated Alumni Association Liaison is invited to attend all General Membership and Executive Board meetings and to participate in any committee, but is not eligible for regular membership. The membership shall support the Liaison's efforts to provide effective communications and coordinated activities between the Alumni Association and the Department.

Article XI - Amendments

11.1 These Bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed by majority approval of the members in good standing at the next general meeting or special meeting following any proposed revisions.

1st revision 3/3/04

2nd revision 1/21/09 (retroactive to 12/1/08)

3rd revision 6/17/09 (added 3.2)