CPAAA Minutes for April 2009 Monthly Meeting


Meeting called to order at 6:02P by Normalee Lee, Chair.

In Attendance:

Board Members – Normalee Lee, Deb Hamilton, Joan Campbell, Nancy Mayer, Marilynn Maring, Leona Rude, Gary Busch, Kay Rowland

Arvada PD Liaison – Sgt. Jeff Monzingo

Guests – Karen Graves 

PD Liaison Report – Sgt. Jeff Monzingo

·         National Citizens Police Academy Association conference in Anchorage - Jeff will meet group’s attendees at airport and pay for cab to hotel.  Please send Jeff your itineraries and contact numbers. 

·         Jeff shared thanks from Officer Pat Claar for CPAAA volunteer assistance with the Arvada Police Department’s recruit testing on April 6 & 7.

·         The YMCA is having an anniversary celebration on June 6, from 9A to noon.  CPAAA is invited and Leona Rude will coordinate event. 

Secretary’s Report – Nancy Mayer

March, 2009, meeting minutes reviewed.  Motion to approve by Gary, seconded by Joan.  Minutes approved. 

Treasurer’s Report – Kay Rowland

·         Beginning balance was $4,091.11 and 3/31/09 balance is $4,266.11. 

·         Current members – 77 – increase of 2 from last month.  Kay & Normalee provided email updates to a few entries and Kay will incorporate changes in next report.

·         Kay has volunteered to track CPAAA pin handouts.  Replacement pins are $5. 

Chair’s Report – Normalee Lee

  • Officer Appreciation – May 13, 4P, Arvada Center (Joan, event coordinator). 
    • Normalee, Joan, Marilynn, Deb, Leona, and Kay will help distribute 2nd grader contest forms (designed by Joan, thank you!) to Arvada elementary schools.  Contest is “1st Annual Arvada Police Department Appreciation Contest” and is sponsored by CPAAA.  Three winners will be announced at May 13 Award Ceremony at Arvada Center.  Entries due back by April 31.  Board approved $50 purchase for prizes – Joan to purchase – Deb to present to winners.
    • Volunteers needed at May 13 Award Ceremony at dessert table (Kay, Marilynn, Deb).  Please wear CPAAA shirts.  Board approved purchase of 12 blue and gold balloons by Kay for this event.
    • Board approved max of $200 to create CPAAA banner.  (“CPAAA Supports those who serve and protect”).  3 lines, 6” x 30” with grommets for hanging.  Normalee, Nancy, and Joan to meet with Linda Davis at Creative Advertising and Printing on Friday, 4/17, to design banner.
  • Officer Testing – (Joan and Pat & Lloyd, Coordinators)  Normalee read email from Officer Pat Claar where he says he only needs 4 volunteers for event.  Joan provided feedback from event and felt there were too many volunteers and some had to be turned away.  Not as organized as it could have been and some CPAAA volunteers were disgruntled about event overall.  Joan to reach out to event’s volunteers to get more information and resolve any of their frustrations.
  •  Board discussed what can be done differently at future events to prevent frustrations and comments about disorganization.
    • Identify event coordinator
    • Identify responsibilities
    • Identify people needs (how many, what times, how long, etc.)
    • CLEARLY communicate with volunteers in a timely manner PRIOR to event
  •  Further discussion by Board regarding coordination of volunteers for future events.  Decision made that Karen Graves (Arvada PD Volunteer Coordinator) will coordinate police specific and police sponsored events.  CPAAA will coordinate other community events.  There will be information shared about ALL events between CPAAA Board and Karen. 
  • CPA Graduation – May 6 at 6P.  Marilynn, Gary, and Leona to represent Board at graduation.  Will “talk up” CPAAA, distribute applications, and have CPAAA merchandise available for sale.   
  • Scan Disks – Normalee suggested that the organization purchase some jump drives for Board members to maintain information in one place and make it easier to hand off to next Board.  Board approved $50 for purchase. 
  • Website Update – Sandy Kline, CPAAA member, will create and maintain website.  Normalee to work with Sandy on content.  Any ideas are welcomed!  Nancy suggested looking at current alumni websites that are linked on the National CPAA website.   

Vice Chair’s Report – Lloyd Ferguson – no report tonight.  (Lloyd is currently attending the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Academy which occurs on Wednesdays)

Past Chair’s Report – Marilynn Maring – Arvada Kite Fling was rescheduled due to weather and turnout at event was still good.  Marilynn thanked the Board members who were able to participate on rescheduled date.

Old Business:    

  • Fill Up A Can Project – May 2 (Leona, event coordinator).  Leona created a flyer that she’ll send to Normalee for email distribution to group. 

New Business:

·         Newsletter Articles need to be submitted to Jeff by May 18. 

Upcoming Events

Gold Strike Festival, Saturday & Sunday, June 20 & 21.  Nancy, event coordinator. 

Next Board meeting – Wednesday, May 20, 2009, at 6P in Chief’s Conference Room. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:10P.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy R. Mayer, CPAAA Secretary