Crime Analysis


Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Analysis Unit is a support unit under the direction of the Field Services Deputy Chief.  The Unit is comprised of two full-time analysts who perform three types of crime analysis: tactical, strategic and administrative.

Strategic Analysis involves the evaluation and analysis of current crime/call-load trends in Arvada and surrounding jurisdictions in an attempt to identify crime patterns and those responsible.

Tactical Analysis necessitates the evaluation of long-term crime trends and the changing demographics within the city of Arvada to assist the department in preparing for police deployment and staff allocation.

Administrative Analysis is used to assist the department in evaluating its use of resources/staff in the most efficient and effective manner.

The goal of the Unit is to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of police operations through the use of tactical analysis, while assisting the Command Staff of the department by providing strategic analysis necessary for future planning.  The Unit also functions as a resource to police employees, citizens and other law enforcement professionals.