Crime Free Multi Housing

The Community Response Impact Team maintains a focus around apartment communities, and has implemented a program called Crime Free Multi Housing.  The purpose of Crime Free Multi Housing is to:

  • reduce crime,
  • the fear of crime and
  • improve the overall safety of these communities.

Crime Free Multi Housing involves a partnership between apartment owners, residents and police to tackle safety-related issues affecting these areas. The program is comprised of three steps to provide the basics for those participating.

Step 1: A 4-hour instruction class to equip apartment managers and owners with the tools they need to rid apartment communities of people contributing to crime problems.

Step 2: An assessment of the property by police officers to ensure the area is conducive to reducing crime (i.e., proper lighting, no overgrown shrubs or trees, deadbolt locks, etc.).

Step 3: Regular community meetings between police and apartment residents to reinforce crime prevention tips.

If you are interested in contacting the Community Response Impact Team, or would like more information about Crime Free Multi Housing, please see the brochure under related files (on right side of this page) or call 720-898-6800.