Crime Statistics

The Arvada Police Department continually strives to reduce crime and searches for new ways to interact with the community in the prevention of crime.  For summary statistical crime reports and tables see the "Related Links" area to the right. For recent crime incidents see Arvada's Crime Mapping applications or visit the Running Report to the Community, listed in the related links on the left side of page. 



These crime statistics represent a snapshot of the number of incidents as recorded at the end of each year.  The numbers do NOT reflect changes to individual cases if the changes were made after the end of the reporting period.

The maps and information provided by this Web site are based on data created by the City of Arvada Police Department.  While the Arvada Police Department have no indication or reason to believe that there are inaccuracies in the information presented, the data is presented "as is" and there is no representation of any kind by the police department, that the data is accurate or is fit for any particular use.