Crooks Crave Laptop Computers

Laptop computers gain in popularity each year with businesses, professionals, students and those who want to enjoy the ease of these devices. The small size and convenience of having a computer with you at all times are the same reasons thieves find them so attractive.

Laptops are easy to steal because they are small and portable. Thieves can get a lot of cash for a computer and there are many places that buy "used" laptops.

Laptop theft is especially dangerous because hard drives oftentimes contain personal information, including credit card numbers, bank accounts, and social security information.

If your computer is stolen, contact police immediately, as well as the computer manufacturer.

If there is personal information on your laptop, or you are told your information was on a stolen laptop, take steps to be sure your identity is safe. Contact the nation’s three major credit reporting agencies and watch credit card statements for unauthorized purchases.

Laptop Safety Tips

  • Make note of your serial number and store it in a safe place.
  • Buy a cable lock for your laptop. Use it at home and in public. It only takes a second for someone to grab your computer and run. Be especially sure your laptop is locked when leaving it in a hotel room.
  • Software is available stopping unauthorized access to your computer or track it.
  • Engrave or otherwise permanently mark your computer to make it harder for a thief to sell and easier for police to find; the more obvious the mark, the clearer it will be the computer is stolen.
  • Avoid storing documents on your laptop that have your social security number or your date of birth. If its last year’s tax return, save it with the social security number and date of birth removed.
  • Insure your laptop with your insurance company.
  • Don’t leave your laptop (or other personal possessions) in plain sight in your vehicle.


There were 66 laptop computers reported stolen in Arvada between April 2007 and March 2008.

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