Economic Crime

On any given day, the Arvada Police Department's Economic Crime detective investigates crimes involving check fraud, embezzlement, bank fraud and counterfeit cases. The cases are time-consuming to investigate and can cause great distress to a victim whose life has been upturned by a criminal stealing his or her identity.

There are ways to protect your identity:

  • Don't discard carbon copy checks in the trash.
  • Don't have your new checks sent through the mail. Always pick them up at the bank.
  • Shred documents containing financial or personal information.
  • Review your bank and credit card statements. Call the bank if there are any irregularities ASAP.
  • Don't leave checks in your mailbox. Place them in a secure "big blue" box at a post office.
  • Another strong line of defense against fraud is to shred any document containing personal information.

TIP: Don't leave your purse or fanny pack in the basket while you're shopping. Not even for a second!!!