Economic Development

The Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA) is the community's business-to-government liaison and a strategic resource for business growth. Operationally funded by the City of Arvada, AEDA's board of directors consists of fifteen business and community volunteers dedicated to providing innovative solutions for business, as well as attracting targeted industries and helping current businesses thrive.

Arvada enjoys strong civic leadership that understands and appreciates the value of active partnerships between government and its business community. This culture fosters a pro-business environment that has resulted in state and national retention program recognition for AEDA and the city of Arvada. Many products and services are provided or enhanced based on input from local businesses, from home-based to major employers.

AEDA offers business assistance to companies that are expanding or relocating to Arvada. AEDA leverages its resources through collaborative partnerships with local, county, state and national organizations. It is only through combined efforts that Arvada continues to be successful in achieving its goals.

AEDA is committed to serving business through partnerships. For more information, call 720-898-7010 or go visit our website (see Related Links.)