Feel Good Sustainable Practices for the Holidays

Feel Good Sustainable Practices for the Holidays

As the year ends and the holidays roll around, we look forward to spending precious time with family and friends. It is our connection to loved ones that gives this time of year its special meaning. On the other hand, typical festivities may seem more like celebrations of commercialism, leaving us with stuffed trashcans and empty wallets. Try some of these easy tips to reduce holiday waste.

  • Recycle your live tree: The City of Arvada has three drop-off locations. Link to dates and locations here. Your tree will be turned into valuable mulch and soil builder to nourish future trees.


  • Purchase a reusable tree on sale at the end of the season.


  • Decorate with safe, efficient and long-lasting LED lights.


  • Recycle your used holiday tree lights: Most hardware stores accept and recycle old string lights.  Some even provide discounts on new LED lights for recycling old strings.


  • Save wrapping paper used on large gifts to wrap smaller gifts next year. This practice reduces a significant source of holiday waste-paper-while saving you money and giving you the satisfaction of knowing you are not adding to the landfill.


  • Instead of wrapping gifts, put them in reusable gift bags. You may consider buying or making decorated cloth bags that serve as additional presents and can be passed on for years.


  • Recycle or donate no-longer-used gifts and toys. Charitable organizations like Goodwill and ARC welcome all types of items. In fact, you can use the holidays as a reminder to clean your closets and make that tax-deductible, end-of-year donation. By recycling, you are also supporting jobs in your community and reducing the demand for resources.


  • Remember that kids can only play with so many toys at once. Renew their interest in older toys by storing them out of sight for a time. When the kids have grown tired of another toy or game, reintroduce the long lost item.


For more information on the City of Arvada's commitment to Sustainability visit Arvada.org/sustainability.