Fillup A. Can Day 2008

“Fillup A. Can” Day is May 3rd.

It’s never too early to register to take part in Fillup A. Can Day. “Fillup A. Can” is Arvada’s litter prevention mascot, who encourages people to throw trash in garbage cans, or better yet recycle it, to keep Arvada beautiful. Civic groups, neighborhoods, clubs, churches, and businesses get together on this day to pick up litter on Arvada’s streets, trails and waterways. This is our 19th annual event and we look forward to it being the biggest cleanup ever!

On the morning of May 3rd, registered groups pick up litter on assigned routes throughout the City. As thanks to all our great volunteers, the City provides a barbecue lunch between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm at the Pioneer Pavilion at 9101 Ralston Rd. You might even get to meet Fillup A. Can!

To register for Fillup A. Can Day and obtain a route for May 3rd, call 720-898-7800. A route, trash bags, and safety vests will be provided. All we need is you to make Fillup A. Can Day a success!

If you are already part of Arvada’s Adopt-A-Street or Adopt-A-Trail Programs, we encourage you to participate in the cleanup on May 3rd and join us for the festivities. If you are interested in adopting a street or trail route, please call the City of Arvada at 720-898-7800 or access our website at

Remember: Fillup A. Can, Keeping Arvada Beautiful!