Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Signals

Flashing Yellow Arrow Left-Turn Signal

The City of Arvada is installing new flashing yellow arrow left-turn signals at select intersections throughout the City.

How does it work?

A driver facing a flashing yellow arrow is allowed to turn left after yielding to all oncoming traffic and pedestrians in the crosswalk. The solid green arrow may operate before or after the flashing yellow arrow; only then does oncoming traffic have a red light.  Remember: Flashing yellow arrow = Yield.

Where will they appear?

The signal may be installed in locations where it is beneficial to improve traffic flow. In coming years, this type of signal will replace all circular green left-turn signals. Many of the upgrades will occur as outdated traffic signals are replaced.
Most locations with red arrows, or “protected-only left turns,” are in place due to an existing double left-turn lane, severe crash history or sight distance limitations. At this time, traffic signals that meet any of these criteria are not candidates for replacement.

Why change?

Safety: Several national studies have demonstrated that drivers make fewer mistakes with the flashing yellow arrow signals than with the traditional turn arrow signal. Agencies nationwide have used the flashing yellow arrows with great success, including several agencies right here in Colorado.

Efficiency: The new flashing yellow arrow signals provide traffic engineers more options to handle variable traffic patterns by time of day. One advantage is changing the order of the left turn sequence to improve through-traffic flow.

Consistency: You will see the same signals in every state; the new left turn operation is being introduced throughout the U.S.