Garrison Street Project Update

As noted in the Dec/Jan issue of the Arvada Report work has continued on this drainage and park re-construction project even if there is not visual evidence. An updated work timeline for Wolff Park (formerly known as K-8 Park) and the Garrison Street Ralston/Central Site reflects the most recent estimates at both sites. Truckloads of dirt removed from the Ralston/Central site will be used to construct Wolff Park. The work timeline is intended to inform citizens of the sequence of events and does not include specifics because a majority of the work will be subject to weather, water levels in the creek, and other factors. 

Of particular note, phase two of the tree removal/relocation process has already begun. Every effort has been made to save trees where they are planted, (if necessary) move them to a new location onsite, or relocate trees to parks such as Wolff Park, Skyline Park, Sunset Ridge Park, etc. The good news is that 43 major trees will be left in place and are included in the new park design plan. In addition, 37 trees will be relocated, with those that are memorial trees going to the southwest corner in the space identified as a memorial garden. Any memorial tree that cannot be safely relocated or has become damaged or diseased will be replaced during the park construction phase. 

The City Forestry Division has been at the Garrison Street Ralston/Central Site removing some of the trees that are damaged, diseased, or will not survive the four foot drop in elevation that will occur as a part of the drainage project. A contractor will soon be on site to complete the removal of trees. In a few weeks crews will return to the site to begin the relocation of the 37 trees. Removed trees will be replaced by new trees according to the City’s tree replacement ordinance as well as the Corps of Engineer’s requirements. New tree plantings will be placed permanently out of the flood plain. Phase two of the tree removal/relocation process is projected to be complete by May 1, 2012. 

If you need more information you may contact the project manager Vicky Reier, 720-898-7509 or the City Forester, Craig Hillegass 720-898-7422.