High School Drug Sweep on April 21



Five police K-9 teams conducted a scheduled contraband sweep at Arvada West high School at 11325 Allendale Drive on April 21, 2010.

School administrators and K-9 teams searched selected locker areas, classrooms and vehicles in the student parking lot of the high school for about three hours. 

As a result of the sweep, three teens were issued municipal summonses for narcotics violations. 

“We partnered with Arvada West High School in this pro-active effort to reduce and prevent narcotics in the school and the community as a whole,” said Sgt. Jo Ann Rzeppa who oversees the Arvada Police Department’s School Services Unit. 

Other high schools in Arvada have conducted similar sweeps. 

In addition to Arvada, other K-9 teams participating in the search were from Broomfield, Commerce City, Dillon and Thornton police departments.

In return for this mutual aid, Arvada’s K-9 teams assist these other jurisdictions with similar contraband sweeps at their schools.

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