Information and Safety Tips for Adopt-A-Street Volunteers

DON'T pick up litter on the roadway surface at any time.

DON'T pick up litter close to the edge of the road or on any medians. Stay on the right-of-way facing traffic and stay with your team.

DON'T pick up litter in construction or maintenance sites, in tunnels or on bridges or overpasses.

DON'T play around or do anything that will distract passing drivers or other volunteers.

DON'T work during peak travel times when traffic is heavy. Consult your City of Arvada contact for a suitable and safe schedule. Never pickup litter in the dark.

DON'T participate in litter pickups while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

DON'T overfill trash bags so that they are too heavy or carry a heavy bag long distances; a partially filled bag is fine. Leave the bags along the route so they are visible for the Streets crew to pickup. Larger items, such as hubcaps, wood, tires, etc. can be piled on top of the bags for pickup.

DON'T overexert yourself. Take breaks, drink liquids and dress appropriately for the weather.

DON'T bring small children or pets along on litter pickups unless you are sure that they are adequately supervised and will not be injured.

DON'T leave children or pets locked in the car at work locations.

DON'T pick up materials that you suspect might be hazardous or dangerous. Call 911 for help immediately.

DON'T try to pick up litter in fast moving water, on slippery rocks, steep banks, where water runs under roads, or any other area that may be dangerous.

DON'T pick up litter when the weather is wet, cold, snowing, or under other dangerous climate conditions.

DO car pool to pickup sites to keep the number of vehicles on the roadside at a minimum. Park off of the road as far away from the pavement edge as possible. Use parking lots and wide spots whenever possible.

DO wear the reflective orange safety vest provided for volunteers so that you can be seen. Be sure you have it on from the moment you leave your vehicle at the pickup site.

DO wear light - or bright-colored protective clothing, hard-soled shoes and sturdy work gloves.

DO use sun block and wear a hat.

DO work only in daylight and in fair wea ther. Make sure to drink fluids on hot days, and rest if you get tired.

DO stay alert for snakes and noxious weeds and do not touch them. Do not pickup or handle any dead animals.

DO coordinate all pickups with the City of Arvada contact person.

DO make sure that all volunteers are familiar with these safety precautions. (Responsibility of the group leader)

DO stay alert for traffic when crossing side roads and driveways. Cross with signals.

Volunteers Responsibilities

  • Follow the Safety tips
  • Wear your safety vests. The vests should be returned to us w hen the group no longer wants to participate in the program. 
  • The trash pickups are scheduled as follows:
  • Volunteers may schedule their litter control pickup any day of the week. However, the City Streets crews will pickup the bagged trash only during weekdays, Monday through Friday.
  • We request that one of the pick-ups be done on Fillup-A-Can Day, normally the end of April or the beginning of May. In 2006, Fillup-A-Can Day is May 6th.
  • To schedule a pickup (except for Fillup-A-Can Day), the volunteer needs to contact the Streets Section contact directly: Chris Dykstra or Gary Chavez at 720.898.7720 
  • The trash needs to be left bagged, tops tied shut, visible at the curb, where it can be picked up.
  • Trash pickups should be scheduled for the minimum number of times per year that is assigned to your route.
  • The route volunteer agreement is renewable each year. Please contact us if you no longer wish to participate in the program so the route can be made available to others.